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Teras Cafe

Hello Buddy!

How are you today? Hope you find it great. Here is our new review for you guys! Well, actually we had heard this restaurant before from our colleagues. Two years ago, they said “Never ever come to this place, it was SO EXPENSIVE, how come 1 steak cost us at IDR200K! It’s crazy!” Hmm,, for two years, this message always popping in our mind whenever we pass this restaurant. Yeah, Teras Cafe is located in a strategic area, near TOP 100 Penuin & BCS Mall. Recently both Mr. BD and Ms. BD decided to visit this place for the sake of Batam Diners. πŸ˜‰

Teras Cafe was carrying home restaurant concept with mixture of European and Asian cuisine. The place was dimly lit both inside and outside area. There were a lot of servants in front of the door to welcome and serve you immediately. Claimed as steak and wine house, Teras Cafe is offering variety range of steaks from USA, Australia, and New Zealand. They also have a bar for their wine range.

Teras Cafe


The waitress was very helpful and polite. After we got some advices, here is what we ordered, Deer Meat Steak, Chicken Chop, Smilling Face, Long Life, and a portion of Steamed Rice (hihi,, so Indonesian, huh?! πŸ˜€ ). The drinks came so quickly, followed by our main courses. Look at below pictures!


Deer Meat Steak with Mushroom Sauce

Deer Meat Steak

You guys should know that this is Mr. BD’s menu. He is kind of person that love to try everything. So, you guys just so lucky to have Mr. BD for your reference. πŸ˜‰ First bite, it tasted similar to beef, tender, but a little bit tougher than it. The vegetables was okay, and the mashed potato was delicious. Since we took this menu and chatting in the same time, Mr. BD took his time eating his deer meat. When the time goes, Mr. BD complained that the meat is tougher than the first time. It also getting a little smelly too. We think maybe this is normal for deer meat, anybody care to elaborate? So, a little tip from us, if you happen to try this menu,Β it will be better if you finish it quickly while it still hot.

Nevertheless, this meat is quite matched with our chosen sauce, mushroom sauce. The sauce itself was delicious and in a right portion. For the first try, this menu is decent, and if you like to eat exotic meat, you may try this menu by yourself.


Chicken Chop with Black Pepper Sauce

Chicken Chop

By her destiny, Ms. BD always order the cheapest steak in every steak restaurant. As you might already know, she doesn’t eat beef, doesn’t like salmon, and love chicken a lot. And chicken steak will always be the cheapest steak from their range. It’s okay. She just enjoy and have fun on it. πŸ™‚

Teras Cafe was offering chicken chop (chicken thigh) and chicken steak (chicken breast) for option. As a chicken thigh lover, Ms. BD chose the chicken chop definitely. When it arrived, she wants to cut it off directly since she was so hungry at that time. But, Mr. BD blocked it away and he said “Ooppss, I have not taken the picture!”. With disappointed face, Ms. BD replied “Please take your time”. Haha.. Well, the aroma was truly fascinating and made her really eager to try it out. The chicken itself was probably one-minute undercooked, means, it was not tender enough. Even though the black pepper was not hot, it helped chicken’s taste much better. It was suitable to serve the chicken chop.

For carbohydrate, french fries was not as good as smashed potato. Besides healthier, the smashed potato’s taste was more delicious than the french fries. The french fries was too dry both inside and outside. So, if we are going back to this place, we may try their boiled potato instead of french fries.


Long Life

Long Life

This mocktail was mixture of lime cordial, pineapple, orange, apple, and sprite. What is in your mind? Yeah, it was fresh and unique. Lime and sprite was very strong on this beverage.


Smiling Face

Smiling Face

Smiling face was one of their in-house creation. It was made from fresh milk, lemon, grenadine, simple syrup, and sprite. Pink water with pink foam made us curious about the taste. At the first sip, we can felt that the fresh milk and sprite didn’t mix well. It was not really bad, but, it didn’t come out with a nice taste too.


Price level and recommended menu:

Deer Meat Steak IDR158,000
Chicken Chop IDR65,000
Long Life IDR33,000 Recommended
Smiling Face IDR43,000
Steamed Rice IDR10,000
Plain Water Free of charge (complementary)

We used BCA credit card to get 15% off for food only. Price is excluded 10% tax.

They also offer a special dinner package for this coming Valentine’s day. They have 3 package levels, the cheapest one is about IDR500K/couple, the 2nd is about IDR700K/couple, and the most expensive is IDR1,000K/couple. Price level is depend on the wine chosen. If you are interested, you can reserve it in advance, detail contact as below.

Address: Baloi Kusuma No. 23, Jalan Pembangunan, Penuin, Batam 29432
Tel: +62 778 459 552
Email: terascafebtm@yahoo.com.sg
Operation hour: Mon – Sun, 04.30 PM – 00.30 AM
Google Map: (click View Larger Map to get full overview and direction)

View Larger Map


If you have tried this restaurant, please share your experience in the comment below.

Whether you are in love with someone or not, we would like to say Happy Valentine’s Day guys.. πŸ™‚

Till next time, see ya!

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