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About Us

Hello guys, welcome to Batam-Dine.com!

Batam Dine is the first food blogger website that focusing on Batam culinary. We are strived to deliver quality and honest review about our experience/story in culinary places. We have no culinary background, so all reviews shared in this website is only based on our personal experience as an ordinary person. Through this website, we hope that we can deliver comprehensive information about everyday Batam cuisine.

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Our Vision and Goal

  • To Become a One-Stop Website for All Food Enthusiast Around the World who Need Information about Batam Cuisine. To achieve this vision, we need your help! Please let us know if you have any restaurant or a recommendation place. Never hesitate to contact us, we love to hear anything from you!
  • We are working day and night, everyday, full of fun, to provide all of you people with information about Batam cuisine. By creating this website, we hope that everyone doesn’t have to be swarmed by a myriad information from internet and analyze it by themselves. They just need to search on our website, and everything they need to know, they have it!

Your Benefit of Visiting Us

  • Comprehensive information about Batam cuisine.
  • Our own and honest review about our adventure.
  • Official and our own food recommendation.
  • Information about price level on the restaurant.
  • Google map about where exactly the location is.

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