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Our Story

Our History

Our story started in 2005 when we were still at our university life. We are a food enthusiast, who constantly searching for a new type of food we never try. Since we tried to search it manually by wandering around our university town, it took us a very long time to compile a decent number of restaurant at our list. When we tried to search for recommendation on the internet, we realized that we can compile the list easily from the internet! Therefore, after lurking around the edge of internet, we finally have our long list of restaurant.

However, even after we have the list, we still have so many questions in our mind. Where is the place located? What is their recommended food? What is their price level? Is there any review from their last customer? These questions will keep popping out in our mind. The only way to answer all of the questions is, unfortunately, manual. Sometimes, we can find a website that will answer some of our questions, but not all. We have to find where is the restaurant location by searching around the area. We asked the waiter about their recommended food, and sometimes, the taste is not quite stunning! Passable, but not enough for the title of “recommended”.

Present Day

In 2009, we finally moving out from our university town to a little island near Singapore and Malaysia, Batam Island. The island is not very big, but quite developed, due to massive amount of industry in this island. We started our working life. We ate generic menu at well-known restaurant only, and never thinking about trying a new menu or restaurant that spreading evenly around Batam.

At the beginning of 2013, we decided to do the same when we were at our university town. We tried to compile a new list about cuisine in Batam. Learning from our mistakes, we started by searching the information from internet. Unfortunately, we were unable to find a lot of information about Batam cuisine. We found some, but they only have around 20+ places, which we can finish it within 3-4 weeks only.

We also have a lot of friends or family who constantly come to Batam. These kind of questions will always come to us, where we gonna go for our lunch? Dinner? Breakfast? Any recommended place? We can answer, but we need a few minutes to start collecting our bit of information from our memories.

These situations made us wonder, the information about Batam cuisine is limited, but we will stay here for maybe a lifetime, what should we do? After a moment, we finally made our mind, why not we make our own website, and compile our list inside it? This way, we can finally get our own list, and in the other hand, helping food enthusiast people outside there that maybe also have some difficulties like us! Thus, a little star was born, and here we are now: Batam Dine.

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