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Batam Dine Founding Team

Mr. BD

Mr. BD is our IT and Food Tasting Director. He is responsible for website development, sales and marketing department, and technical support for himself, duh..

His three years of experience in sales and marketing department is surely help him to develop his communication skill. Unfortunately, it has an impact on his weight too…

He practically can eat everything, and love to try any kind of new food. So beware, don’t serve him something weird, you never know whether he already finished it or not!

Fun fact,,, he is overweight. Period. 😉

Ms. BD

miss BD

Ms. BD is our Managing Director. She is responsible in website content, social media expert, and our administrator in everything happened inside the company.

Her experience in marketing and production provides her with godlike speed of decision making. She is a very strict and perfectionist person, so you can always expect a perfect result from her job. With everything positive in hand, she is a precious gem for the Batam Dine.

She can eat a lot, however, she doesn’t really into chocolate, cheese, and ice cream. Isn’t she weird? 😀