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Currency in Batam

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Temukan versi Bahasa disini: Mata Uang di Batam. As you all must already know, Batam island is part of Indonesia, governed by Indonesian people. Regarding the currency, Batam has a very unique situation. For some reasons, Singapore Dollar is more Read More

Teh Obeng for Sweet Ice Tea

Sweet ice tea
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Temukan versi Bahasa disini: Teh Obeng atau Es Teh Manis Indonesian loves tea, deal with it.  Indonesia is very famous for its tea. The tea has a very rich and unique flavor. Nowadays, Batam people used to say “Teh Obeng” Read More

History of Batam

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Temukan versi Bahasa disini: Sejarah Kota Batam. Batam is one of an island on Riau archipelago. Compared to the other islands, Batam is the most developed one, with so many industries and resorts scattering around Batam island. History of Batam Read More

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