Wiji’s Waroeng

Heeeeeello guys,

We are currently busy on our offline job, and had to work all day at the office. For lunch, BD were going to try a new restaurant that just opened a few months ago at Anggrek Mas 1 residence, since it is very near with BD current location. The restaurant name is Wiji’s Waroeng. This restaurant serves traditional javanese and western food.  For javanese food, you can find like nasi pecel, nasi bakar, dsb. For western food, you can find a few choices of steak here. For beverage, they also offer some of their own menu.

When BD arrived at this restaurant, it was not crowded, just one couple took their lunch there. You will get greeted by the waiter when you coming in. The ambience, is very javanese. They played javanese traditional instruments, and their waiter’s uniform is javanese traditional clothes. You may see their cashier desk below. You can find a traditional javanese playing device, traditional javanese puppet picture (we usually called it wayang), and so many interesting things on it.

Cashier Desk

Now we are talking about the food, as BD also feels hungry right now just watching the pictures! For BD’s lunch, BD chose menu nasi bakar for food and es campur for beverage choice.  You may see the picture of nasi bakar here:

Nasi Bakar


Chicken, Tempeh, and Beancurd


BD got a portion of nasi bakar, one fried chicken, a tempeh, a beancurd, a portion of red chili, and some vegetables to complement your food. The special thing about nasi bakar is, your rice will get grilled inside a banana leaf, which will leave you a unique scent on your rice. Inside the nasi bakar, you will find some chili sauce, anchovies, and thai lemon basil leaves. They mixed perfectly with the rice, and you literally can eat your rice without any other menu if you want it! The chili is delicious and not very hot, perfect to enhance the flavor of your chicken, tempeh, and beancurd. You can add a few drop of sweet soy sauce if you want a little sweetness on your chili. The chicken is perfectly cooked, and so do are the tempe and beancurd. As the vegetables, they are very fresh.

When BD took our first bite on the rice, the rich flavor of anchovies, thai lemon basil leaves, and chili is filling our mouth! If you eat it with chicken for example, the flavor is not diminishing, but rather mixed with the chicken. Add it with chili, dear oh dear, so stunning! BD recommends you to order some kind of soup menu to complement your lunch. You may order sayur asam (sour vegetable soup), or any other soup they have.

After finishing the lunch, BD was so eager to eat the es campur.  You can see the picture as below:

Es Campur


Their es campur is good looking. The cherry on top of the ice, very beautifully done.  You can find some watermelon, mango, jelly, with a cyrup and a cherry. The flavor is sweet, but not too sweet, which BD likes it very much. For the price, is a little bit too high for the food menu. BD decided to not try the western menu, because the price is highly overpriced in BD point of view, but if you want to try, you are very welcome to try!

This is the price level:

Nasi Bakar Rp31,000 Recommended
Es Campur Rp15,000 Recommended

You can visit the restaurant by following this Google Map.

View Larger Map

That will be all guys, hope you enjoy this review, and we will meet again very soon. Just keep follow our blog and don’t forget to follow our social accounts. As always, have fun and eat healthy!

-Batam Dine-


4 responses to “Wiji’s Waroeng”

  1. Yun….. itu wiji’s resto alamat lengkapnya di sebelah mana yak…..


  2. Halo Putra,

    Alamat lengkapnya di Anggrek Mas 1. Masuk dari pintu masuk Anggrek Mas 1, tinggal lurus, pasti kelihatan. 🙂

    Atau dari pintu masuk Anggrek Mas 2 juga bisa, masuk dari AM 2, tembusin ke Anggrek Mas 1, tinggal lurus aja.

    Kalo masih ga tau, coba telpon aja ya. 🙂

    -Batam Dine-

  3. Aditya Eka Avatar
    Aditya Eka

    Pelayanan di Wiji’s waroeng sangat memuaskan,pelayan yang ramah, menyenangkan, dan cepat! Yang paling penting rasa dari masakanya sendiri sangat mantab!! Harga tak jadi soal, karena tempat yang nyaman, bersih dan kental dengan suasana etnic jawa, racikan bumbu dan menu – menu khas jawa mengingatkan saya untuk kembali ke kampung halaman. Tapi berkunjung disini sambil menikmati hidangan dan suasanya membuat sedikit rasa kangen itu terobati

    1. thank you buat review nya. 🙂 terakhir waktu mampir ke Wiji’s Waroeng pesen apa saja?

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