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Warning.. HOT inside!

Hello Batam Diners,

It was a bright and lovely Sunday, BD decided to take a walk at BCS mall. After hours of shopping or just window-shopping, we are getting hungry, as usual.. well..we all love food right….? 😉 When we were scouting for a restaurant inside the mall, we found a small and eye-catching wallpaper, red as blood restaurant. The name of the restaurant is quite simple, LaVedas. We saw their slogan, “Jamin Aaaaaaah!”, that told everybody that they are offering the hot menu there! Excited with their slogan, we decided to visit that restaurant. You can see the front view of the restaurant as follow:

Front View of LaVedas


When we saw the menu, our wild guess was right, this restaurant offered hot menus. Very suitable for hot-food lover! When we asked the waitress, what was their recommended menu, she answered us almost immediately, Ayam Jojo. She told us that menu was the hottest they ever have. Dear God, from the picture itself, it looked super hot we yield immediately. We asked her again for a less hot food to try. She told us to try Ayam LaVedas. From the name, they should have this menu as their special, so we ordered it, along with Ramen Seafood, Perkedel Jagung (Corn Fricadel), and Teh Obeng.

Let’s take a look for their special menu, Ayam LaVedas.

Ayam LaVedas


The chicken was fried nicely, and the green chili sauce looks intimidating. 😀 The chicken was very crispy and delicious. When we tried to eat the chicken and the chili sauce, we had to constantly sip our teh obeng to neutralize our mouth! For iron-clad palate and hot lover, this menu is a must try.

Our Ramen Seafood came quickly. Let’s take a look.

Ramen Seafood


The portion of the ramen is quite small. But fret not, you will find a lot of seafood inside the bowl. The noodle was nice, not absorbing the soup quickly. The soup, as we can expect, was hot! The seafood was delicious, we found some squids, crab meatballs, and shrimps. Overall, this ramen was delicious, and you can try it.

For our appetizer, we ordered Corn Fricadel. Let’s take a look.

Corn Fricadel


For IDR10,000, you will get three pieces of corn fricadel along with the red chili sauce. Even though the menu looks very simple, but the taste was quite delicious! If you look closely inside the fricadel, you will find some herbs, we don’t know what is that, but it makes the fricadel delicious and have a unique fragrant. From our personal view, if they put some more seasoning, the taste will be perfect!

For the beverage, we ordered a simple Teh Obeng, because they didn’t offer any special. We strongly strongly strongly (did we emphasize it strong enough?) you to order something sweet and cold beverage to accompany you.

Special note for hot-lover, we want to challenge you to order Ayam Jojo and share your experience with us. We will featured the best share from you in our post here.

Check the price and our recommendation here:

Ayam LaVedas IDR16,000 Recommended
Perkedel Jagung IDR10,000
Ramen Seafood IDR25,000 Recommended
Nasi Putih IDR4,000
Teh Obeng IDR5,000

Since the LaVedas is located inside the BCS Mall, we can only give you the map to reach BCS Mall. You will find the LaVedas easily inside.

View Larger Map

Miss BD in action guys, isn’t she beautiful..? 😉

Miss BD with Ramen Seafood


Thank you guys for reading our story, and hope our story will give you some insight about this restaurant. See you later in our next stories, have fun! Don’t forget, stay healthy, so you can eat any food we recommend!


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