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Happy Friday Night Guys..


Weekend is so near to us. Almost every weekend, BD will go to shopping mall whether buying some stuff or just hang out there. Shopping mall is the choice for many people to spend their weekend time since usually you can find everything you need inside the mall. One of the popular malls in Batam is Batam City Square (BCS) Mall. This mall is always lively even on weekday. On last weekend, BD had enjoyed lunch at one of the restaurant inside BCS Mall, Ayam Penyet Ria. Since this is a franchise restaurant, you also can find this restaurant in other shopping malls in Batam, such as Nagoya Hill, Megamall, Kepri Mall, or other malls. BD had tried in other shopping malls too, but BD thinks that Ayam Penyet Ria BCS Mall is the best place to serve the same dish.

Ok, let’s start on what we ordered on our last visit. Sure, we’ll not miss their recommended menu, Ayam Penyet (Smashed Fried Chicken).

Ayam Penyet (Smashed Fried Chicken)

The smashed fried chicken was served with fried flour scattering on the top, fried tempeh (soybean cake), blacan-chili relish, and assortment of vegetables (sliced cucumber, cabbage, and basil). It was hot when arrived. The smashed chicken itself, as always, never disappointed us, the chicken was tender inside and crispy outside, and the fried flour make it perfect. The fried tempeh was also good, nonetheless their special chili sauce also have a big effect on the dish thoroughly. The chili sauce was a balance taste on hot, sweet, and salty.


Perkedel Jagung (Corn Perkedel)

As you can see on above picture, the Perkedel Jagung (Corn Perkedel) color is very interesting. At the first bite, we can felt that the corn, the vegetable, and the flour were mixed perfectly. It’s fried not so crispy so that we can still enjoy the corn taste. The portion was also big!


Es Campur (Mixed Ice)

As for beverage, BD was tried Es Campur (Mixed Ice), syrup ice with variety toppings inside. The appearance was quite colorful. It consisted of diced grass jelly, corn, longan, jelly, sugar palm fruit, and nata de coco. When we sip the mixed ice, the taste was not as good as the appearance. Some of the content was felt not fresh. The syrup was not so delicious either. Thus, BD didn’t recommend this beverage for you, but if you guys want to try, it’s your call. 🙂


The price is standard, not so expensive, here is the detail

Ayam Penyet + Nasi Putih (Smashed Fried Chicken + Steam Rice) IDR19,500 Recommended
Perkedel Jagung (Corn Perkedel) IDR5,000 Recommended
Es Campur (Mixed Ice) IDR11,000


This restaurant is located on Ground Floor BCS Mall near ATM Centre. You can find BCS Mall on Google Map as below

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Ok guys, hope you enjoy this coming weekend.. 🙂

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