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These 2 weeks we were so busy with our own personal matters. Finally, right now we can take a breath to see you again. 😀 Is it too late to wish you a Merry Christmas? We hope not! 😉 Anyway, how about your Christmas day guys? Did you find it grateful and happy? For us, Christmas is a special day. We were spending our Christmas Eve by praying at church and on the Christmas day, we were having fun whole day, watching 47 Ronin, and sure, hunting for food. Ok, let’s say we didn’t have any idea for our dinner last night and suddenly remember a recommendation from one of gorgeous Batam Diners, GrumpyBebby (@ybbebb). Bebby was recommended us to have a visit De’ Patros Cafe, located in Harbour Bay.

Front View of De’ Patros Cafe


We arrived at 07.30 PM and it was not crowded, so we can chose our table easily. We can seat inside the cafe or outside area. Sure, we chose the outside one, at the edge of the sea. The consequence is, it was quite windy, so, prepare your jumper or scarf at least. There was a stage in the middle area for live music. We then took a seat in front of the stage so that we can enjoy the performance closely. Live music is on from 08.00 PM – 12.00 AM.

Live Music


As time went by, the customer was coming more and fulfill almost all the tables.

Ambience of De’ Patros Cafe


Let’s talk about food now! They offer a lot of food type, from western food, Indonesian food, and seafood. They also offer you a lot of wines and cocktails. For some special occasions, they will offer their special menu. For Christmas, they offer a highly rare Roast Turkey. It came on package with Santa Snow as the beverage. The price was IDR175,000 before tax. The waiter said that this menu was served on Christmas and Thanksgiving only. Wow, what a lucky day! It’s a special menu from the chef and we have the right time to have it try. BD also ordered Grill Beef Ribs and Ocamon for other set menu. And the last, as recommended by GrumpyBebby, we ordered Fried Calamari too. 🙂

First food we got was the Roast Turkey, roasted young American Turkey with Gravy sauce. It served with red cabbage, creamy green peas, and parmentier potatoes. Psstt, BD is getting hungry by looking at this picture! 😀

Roast Turkey

As you can see on above picture, it came with a good presentation. The portion was a little too big for one person, but not enough for two people. The turkey and gravy sauce were yummy and the turkey itself was solid. Parmentier potatoes was crispy and tasty. The red cabbage was just right. Creamy green peas was not very good. We thought that gravy sauce was the one that made the whole package delicious.


The Santa Snow was coming together with the turkey and you can see the picture below.

Santa Snow

It was creamy, sweet, and full of coconut jelly and longan. Like the name, when you sip this beverage, sometimes it left a snow on your lips. It’s a good beverage.


As for the Grilled Beef Ribs, it came with a fairly big portion for one person. It came with a portion of rice, a big chunk of grilled beef ribs, garnishes, and a bowl of beef stock soup. You can see the picture below:

Grilled Beef Ribs

The beef was cooked perfectly, it was tender, easy to bite, and fairly tasty. Unfortunately, even though on the menu they put “iga bakar pedas cobek”, or literally translated as “hot grilled beef ribs”, it didn’t hot at all. Since BD has tried another grilled beef ribs on another restaurant before, we have no choice but to compare the taste between the previous restaurant with what De’ Patros offered. We concluded that beef ribs at De’ Patros still one level less tastier than the previous restaurant offered. It was not very rich in flavor. The soup was also the same. The garnishes, consisted of some vegetables and garlic Bombay. They didn’t cut it beautifully, so the presentation was not very good. This menu has potential to be a very great menu. If they improve their presentation and add more flavor on the beef, the food might be extraordinary.


To accompany our beef ribs, we ordered Ocamon.


It consisted of orange, carrot, and lemon juice. They also put some jelly and longan to enrich the beverage. The drink itself was very refreshing, very suitable to sip after eating something greasy like beef stock soup.


Although it came on the last, here is our snack, Fried Calamari, breaded squid with Bangkok sauce.

Fried Calamari

Breaded squid was wrapped with bread crumb and then fried till crispy. It served with standard Bangkok sauce. The squid was stuffed but the flavor was bland.


Below is the price list and recommended menu we tried.

Roast Turkey + Santa Snow IDR175,000 Recommended
Grilled Beef Ribs IDR59,900
Ocamon IDR35,000 Recommended
Fried Calamari IDR25,000

Price is excluded 10% tax. We used BCA credit card to pay and we got 15% off for food only.


Since we took our dinner outside, it would be better if our food came at the same time for both Roast Turkey and Grilled Beef Ribs. Our experience was Beef Ribs came 15 minutes after they served Roast Turkey. And the high wind has made the Roast Turkey colder during that time. What do you think if you just take your dinner alone whereas your partner waiting 15 minutes after you? That’s not cool.

Overall, this cafe is a good place to hang out with your friends or your special ones even though the food is just average. Sure we will visit this place next time to try other menu. 😉

Address: Harbour Bay Blok R No. 12, Batu Ampar, Batam
Phone: +62 778 741 5086
Mon – Sun: 12.00 PM – 01.00 AM (last order 12.30 AM)
Google Map:

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Anyway, another new year is on the corner guys.. What is your resolution for this coming year? As for Batam Dine, we really want to have giveaway events more for you guys. We love to hear you enjoy your dining experience.

Hope you guys have a great New Year Eve! 🙂
Batam Dine