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As a Buddhist, Ms. BD noticed that last Saturday was Guan Yin Goddess Leaving Home Day. Have you heard about Guan Yin Goddess? If not, let us share a little information for you guys. In Chinese Buddhism, Guan Yin or Kwan Im is synonymous with the Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara, the pinnacle of mercy, compassion, kindness, and love. The meaning of Guan Yin itself is “observing the sounds or cries of the world”. So, most Buddhists believe that Guan Yin always hear Her disciples’ life problems and help them to find the way out. And yes, we believe too! 🙂

There are three celebrations annually dedicated to Guan Yin among the Chinese Buddhists:
Guan Yin Birthday: 19th of the second lunar month.
Guan Yin Enlightenment Day: 19th of the sixth lunar month.
Guan Yin Leaving Home Day: 19th of the ninth lunar month.

For this year, Guan Yin Leaving Home Day falls on Saturday, 31st October 2015. Both Mr. BD and Ms. BD celebrated this event by having a vegetarian lunch. The first place in mind was Nature Vegetarian Restaurant. We noticed this restaurant a few years ago as the location was very strategic. It’s on the road side of Baloi area, near BCS Mall.

Nature Vegetarian Restaurant

Nature, a good restaurant name which totally presenting what’s on their business. It’s just like, when we are being vegetarian, we are going back to the “nature”. Very nice, huh?

With 2 units of town houses, they tried to maximize the space for tables and simple yet artistic interior design. Look at below picture guys.

Restaurant Inside

They used a lot of wooden element inside to represent the nature. In our opinion, they caught the concept and working on it consistently. Two thumbs up, buddy! The place was cozy and cool. Another great things for us, it’s a non smoking restaurant. Yaayy… We like it! 😀

They have a plenty of waitresses ready to help us for our queries. After some questions to our waitress, we came out with our orders, Sinboku Naiyiu, Pocai Enoki, Vegie Lucky, Steamed Rice, ABC Juice, and Plain Water. In less than five minutes, our complete menus were served on the table. The real quick one! Let’s see it guys..

Complete Set of Batam Dine’s Lunch

Now, let’s check it out one by one.

Sinboku Naiyiu

Sinboku Naiyiu

Sinboku Naiyiu was a kind of fried mushroom dish. At our first tasting, the mushroom was tender and well flavored with salt and chili. The taste was excellent and the regular portion was enough for 3-4 persons. In simple words, it’s delicious, big portion, and cheap. Totally worth every penny! Hehe.. You should try it out guys..


Pocai Enoki

Pocai Enoki

You know guys, we are the big fan of enoki mushroom. So, when our waitress recommended this menu to us, without thinking too much, we just ordered it. They sauted the pocai and dressed it with fried enoki on the top. The result? As predicted! The soft pocai with fried enoki was a great combination in one plate. It was delectable!


Vegie Lucky

Vegie Lucky

Vegie Lucky was a kind of fried “chicken” menu. They just fried the “chicken” with flour and served it with chili sauce. It was crispy and decent.


ABC Juice

ABC Juice

Claimed as the most favorite juice here, we tried it one glass. ABC means Apple, Bits, and Carrot. At our first sip, the taste and smell were “green” as they made it from unprocessed original fruits. The carrot flavor was dominant. It was not really delicious, but for sure, it was a healthy beverage.


Price and Recommended Menu

Sinboku Naiyiu (Regular) IDR30,000 Recommended
Pocai Enoki (Regular) IDR32,000 Recommended
Vegie Lucky (Regular) IDR28,000
ABC Juice IDR20,000
Rice IDR6,000
Plain Water Free of Charge

Above price is included 10% tax.


Nature Vegetarian Restaurant

Komplek Ruko Baloi Kusuma Indah Blok A No. 1-2, Batam

Tel: +62 811 691 5550

Mon – Sat: 10.00AM – 09.00PM (Break time: 02.30PM – 04.30PM)

Sun: 10.00AM – 09.00PM (No break time)

Google Map:



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