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Welcome to 2016. After fixing up our computer problem, finally we can release our first review of 2016 today. What a relief! We have so many things to share with you guys. First, let us tell you one of Batam Dine resolution this year. Guess what?? It’s GIVEAWAY… Yaayyy…! 🙂 It’s been a long time since our last giveaway in 2014. So, as a return, we’re going to give you abundant dining vouchers this year called as “Friday is Voucher Day!”. To join this event, it’s so easy. You just need to follow our social media either instagram, facebook, or twitter and we’ll post the giveaway every Friday. So, stay tuned guys! 😀

Saturday night is the right time to forget all the problems. Enjoy your free time, go to party, having a lovely dinner, or else. As for BD, we enjoyed our last Saturday night by having all you can eat dinner at Nagoya Mansion Hotel.

Nagoya Mansion Hotel & Residence

Specifically, it’s Barbeque Buffet Dinner guys. They offered a wide variety of food, such as hot grill seafood, beef, chicken, pasta, salad, soup, noodle, vegetables, cakes, dessert, and many more. Dinner started from 06.00PM – 09.00PM. So, it would be best if you come on time so that you can try all of their food range within stipulated timing. We started our dining at 07.00PM and finished at 08.20PM. What kind of food we ate during that time? Everything! You know, it’s a challenge for us. Whether we like it or not, let’s just try it out.

BBQ Buffet Dinner served at 3rd Floor Food Park which was near the swimming pool. Yeah, it should be outside so that the smoke of BBQ will not be trapped inside the building. As for seat table, we can choose either outside or inside. There were pros and cons for these options. If seating outside, we can watch live entertainment closely. But, we should be prepared for the smoke of BBQ. If seating inside, it’s more calm and cozy. However, we cannot enjoy the live entertainment clearly. So, what is our recommendation? Outside, please… Why? Come on guys, just ignore the smoke and take a pleasure in the service. Ok! 😉

Traditional Cakes, Mini Cake, French Breads, Pudding, and Fruits

Starting with the appetizer, we have a lot of Indonesian traditional cakes such as Kue Ubi, Dadar Gulung, Kue Koci, and Bolu Gulung. For the traditional cakes, we felt that the taste was decent. The most unforgettable cake was the Mini Cake. It was soft and smooth topped with tasty chocolate cream, very delicious! The French Breads also have a good texture. We just simply topped it with the butter and enjoyed every bite on it.

Excuse us to talk about the dessert in advance as it served on the same table. Fresh Fruits and Pudding were good options to complete our dining time. Sweet and fresh!

Hot Grill Seafood, Beef, Chicken, Pasta, Salad, and Soup

For BBQ option, we have Beef, Chicken, Fish, Shrimp, and Sausage. The chef was kept continue grilling the meat and served it on BBQ table. So, we can take it easily without waiting too long. To complete the taste, we should mix it with the sauces. There were 6 types of sauce such as sweet soy sauce, BBQ sauce, onion sauce, sambal sauce, mushroom sauce, and ketchup sauce. Of course we tried it one by one. Unintentionally, we mixed sauce #1 and #3 together and the result was AMAZING! It made all the BBQ meat became so delicious. 🙂

As for Fusilli pasta, Salad, and Beef Soup, the taste were decent.

Buffet Menu

Next, the buffet menu. It consist of Fried Rice, Vegetables, Linguine, Corn, Potato, Cracker, and Chili Sauce. Unfortunately, the buffet menu was plain and not as good as BBQ dish.

Noodle, Mongolian BBQ, and Roasted Chicken

Besides BBQ and buffet menu, they also have Noodle and Mongolian BBQ which will be made upon request. Fresh as needed!

As for Roasted Chicken, they have sliced and served it on cutting board. But, we also can slice it by ourselves to get our desired part. Taste? It was tender and yummy.

This Barbeque Buffet Dinner cost us at IDR150,000/pax excluded 10% service and 10% tax. So, in total, the price will be IDR180,000/pax. By considering the wide variety of food, we can say that it was worth it. Just make sure your belly is full before leaving this place. 🙂

Last but not least, we have some notes on their live music and live dance performance. To be frank, we didn’t enjoy it at all. Why? Because we sat inside and it can’t be seen clearly. So, we felt that it’s pointless for us. As mentioned to the hotel staff, hopefully they can improve it in the future.


Nagoya Mansion Hotel

Jl. Imam Bonjol Kampung Utama No. 1 Batam 29444

Tel: +62-778-743-0077

Google Map:


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Till next time, keep your spirit and see ya!

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