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It’s breakfast time! Do you know why breakfast is called “breakfast”? Because your morning meal helps you break your fast after 8-hour-fasting while you sleep! Okay, now you know! Thanks Dora… 😀

We are a breakfast people, without it we will feel wobbly and tired all day. Last weekend we came all the way long from our residence Batam Center to Nagoya only to find a recommended place-to-go for breakfast, Kedai Kopi Harum! Ow yeah, and the story begins…

Kedai Kopi Harum

9AM arrived there, we can still consider as a breakfast, aye? 😛 Without so many questions, we ordered their Mie Pangsit, Pangsit Goreng, and Tahu. They served it very quick and here our meal!

Mie Pangsit

Mie Pangsit – Rp20.000

Mie Pangsit or Wanton Noodle was a great choice for breakfast. It’s light for the portion and so appetizing to brighten your day! For sure, you will have the enough energy for your daily activity till lunch time.

As you can see on above picture, the noodle was served beautifully, topped with the red roast pork, minced pork, and some vegetables. Coming with the pork wantons, it was a perfect combination! The pork wantons was soooo TASTY! The noodle itself was fresh and well flavored. We loved everything! 😀 We really loved the pork wanton and will order the same menu on the next visit. It’s definitely one of the best wanton noodles in town… Very recommended!

Pangsit Goreng

Pangsit Goreng – Rp10.000

For extra happiness, we ordered another half portion of fried wanton. Yes, we are a pork lover, especially Mr. BD! Hahaha… There’s not much difference with the boiled wanton as the ingredients were same. After tried both, we prefer to get more boiled wanton instead of the fried one for the next visit.


Tahu – Rp5.000

With the same soup, they just put the Tahu (tofu) into the bowl and it’s ready to serve! But wait! It’s not a plain tofu guys. The tofu was come along with the pork inside. Uhlala… The pork ingredients were same as the wonton’s. It was so delicious and yummy! The soup itself was well flavored too. Great dish! 😉

Price and Recommended Menu

Mie Pangsit Rp20.000 MUST TRY!
Pangsit Goreng Rp10.000 (5pcs) Recommended
Tahu Rp5.000 Recommended
Teh Obeng Rp5.000
Liang Teh Rp8.000

No additional tax for above price.

Kedai Kopi Harum

Jl. Raja Ali Haji Blok D No.2

Komplex Batam Jaya Hotel (Near Nagoya Hill, Behind TIKI)

Category: Non-Halal Restaurant

Google Map:


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Till next time, stay healthy and happy guys…

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