Semi Fine Dining @ Barletta Dining & Lounge – da Vienna Boutique Hotel

And the party continues…

After having a great Afternoon Tea, we were directed to the elegant dining table. Whaattt? It’s not ended yet? Oh my gosh! We ate too much at the afternoon tea party. Muahaha…

Barletta Dining Table

From the table set up, we knew that it’s a semi fine dining arrangement. The table was decorated beautifully. It made us flash back to our romantic dinner when we were young. Oopsss, something is revealed. We are old now! 😛 Together with other Kepri Bloggers and other Media, we were served nicely by da Vienna Boutique Hotel. A night to remember! 🙂

First to come, of course the appetizer, Carabian Chicken Salad!

Carabian Chicken Salad – IDR65,000

Crisp lettuce and green vegetable tossed with Carabian mango vinaigrette served with grilled chicken, dried mango, and spicy garlic bread. That will be the menu description from hotel. Hehe… This appetizer was served cold. So, don’t be surprised if you are going to order this menu. Carabian mango vinaigrette caught our attention. The taste was unique with mango flavor and balsamic vinegar. Spicy garlic bread and the grilled chicken were decent.

Next was the soup, Manhattan Seafood Chowder.

Manhattan Seafood Chowder – IDR55,000

Manhattan Seafood Chowder was a creamy seafood soup. When served, the waiter put a bowl of seafood and then poured the creamy soup in front of us. It was sooo appetizing! If you see our instagram, you will get the video of this mouth watering moment. That’s not the best part yet. The creamy soup was EXTREMELY DELICIOUS. It was well flavored and tasty. The secret behind it, they mixed the soup with the chopped seafood itself. Ouww yeahh… You should try it by yourself and tell everybody that we are not lied to anyone, ok! 😉

The main course is Atlantic Crispy Salmon.

Atlantic Crispy Salmon – IDR160,000

Grilled salmon fillet with garlic cream and butter paired with root and flower vegetables, coconut foam, and yoghurt sphere. A big grilled salmon fillet in front of us, ulalaaa… Mr. BD cannot hold it too long. After took some pictures, he started to enjoy his own salmon with a big smile. Surprisingly, the salmon skin was crispy. Is it the idea of the name? Maybe… As you can see on above picture, the salmon color was really fabulous. How about the taste? Delectable! Pour it with the garlic cream, and you will find more fantastic experience. The price was reasonable at IDR160,000 as you will get high quality and big portion of good salmon.

And the last one, there’s always a room for dessert, Fruit Spaghetty!

Fruit Spaghetty – IDR65,000

Glutenious spaghetti in dessert version, served with vanilla ice cream. A unique yet appetizing dessert for today dinner! Presentation was wonderful with colorful macaroon on top of vanilla ice cream. A sweet dessert to close a magnificent dinner was a great choice tonight. Spaghetti jelly with ice cream and macaroon was a good combination for the sweet memories. 🙂

Price and Recommended Menu

Carabian Chicken Salad IDR65,000
Manhattan Seafood Chowder IDR55,000 MUST TRY
Atlantic Crispy Salmon IDR160,000 Recommended
Fruit Spaghetty IDR65,000 Recommended


Barletta Dining & Lounge

da Vienna Boutique Hotel 2nd Floor

Jl. Pembangunan, Nagoya, Batam

Tel: +62-778-422-300

Mon – Sun: 10.00AM – 10.00PM


Category: Halal Restaurant

Google Map:


Once again, we would like to say thank you so much to Mr. Alex and da Vienna team for your hospitality during our visit. We must say that we were delighted to have an unforgettable elegant dinner here and really enjoyed everything! Lovely ambiance, friendly staff, and of course for the DELICOUS FOOD served! It was a pleasant experience for us and surely we’ll come back here very soon to try other menu. 😀

Stay tuned for the next update guys!

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8 responses to “Semi Fine Dining @ Barletta Dining & Lounge – da Vienna Boutique Hotel”

  1. Wow, it’s look delicious.

    1. Indeed! Hihi… You should try it out, Ira… 🙂

  2. It is strange menu I think, wanna try and eat it up…hmmm

    1. Go go go! Very recommended mas bro.. 😀

  3. Kebayang Crispy Salmonnya pasti enak banget pas digigit. Crispy di luar, empuk di dalam. Nyum.

    1. Hihi… Bener banget Mbak Silvi. Crispy di luar, empuk di dalam. Jos gandos!

  4. Aduuuh… creamy soup-nya itu bener-bener JUARAK!

    1. Yuhuuu… The winner goes to CREAMY SOUP! Yaaayyy…

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