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  • TASTE THE CRAB @ Hill Cafe

    TASTE THE CRAB @ Hill Cafe

    Halo Batam Foodies… Abis crepes yang gede banget, sekarang lagi booming makanan yang lain nih guys, yaitu makan kepiting! Kenapa makan kepiting jadi so special now? Karena cara penyajian dan cara makannya guys. Yang lagi hits itu kepitingnya langsung disajikan di atas meja tanpa alas piring, terus kitanya pake celemek gambar kepiting, abis itu *cekreekkk,…

  • Red Crab Restaurant

    Red Crab Restaurant

    Hey Guys.. Happy Birthday, Mom! :hug :kiss :smile Today is a special day for BD’s family, mom’s birthday! The strongest yet warmest woman in the world. What are we going to do? Whatever make our mom really happy, definitely! Both Mr. BD and Ms. BD gave special a hug and congratulation to our mom in…