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  • Black Canyon Coffee – Nagoya Citywalk

    Black Canyon Coffee – Nagoya Citywalk

    Hello Batam Diners, We apologize for our slow progress in this month, we have a lot of things to do, and unable to even visit our lovely sponsors for our anniversary event. So, to pay back our lost time, without any further delay, we were decided to visit one of our sponsor, Black Canyon Coffee, located…

  • Takigawa Resto

    Takigawa Resto

    Hello Guys… Talking about Japanese food, what is in your mind? Sushi, shabu-shabu, ramen, uncooked food, expensive, what else? Well, today story, we’ll talk about one of Japanese restaurant in Batam, Takigawa Resto. It’s located in Nagoya Citywalk, near the Fun World.   After welcomed by the waitress, we were chosen our Japanese table.  …