Good evening, Batam Diners!

Last few days, we got a restaurant recommendation from our old friend. He told BD that he found a little but nice Italian restaurant at Batam Centre. He told us the pizza was excellent and a must try. Excited with the information, we decided to visit the restaurant. We found the restaurant easily, as they put some fancy colorful bulbs outside their restaurant.

Front view of Piccola Stella Trattoria


Inside, we were being greeted by a very polite chef and a waitress. It’s a shame we forgot to ask their name! They politely guided us to choose our seat. They were extremely helpful and patient with us. We asked their recommended menu, and they patiently explained everything to us. The kind waitress also allowed us to tasted a little sip of Impero Rosso, one of the wine offered at this restaurant! In the end, we decided to order Pizza Margherita, Chicken Ravioli with Salsa al Branzino, a glass of Noblesse Merlot, and one glass of Lemon Tea.

While they were busy preparing our dinner, we took the liberty to capture the restaurant’s simple yet interesting decorations.

The Kitchen


One of the Available Seat inside restaurant


Miss BD on the largest set of seat


Miss BD on other side of restaurant


Our order came quickly, and we were so tempted to eat all of it in our first sight! But, just for you guys, we contained our hunger, and took some pictures for you to enjoy… 😉

Our Pizza Margherita came first, and the color and aroma, oh my goodness, very tempting!!!

Pizza Margherita


Our reason for choosing Pizza Margherita based on our friend’s recommendation, as quoted, “The thin pizza is a must try. If you like cheese.” And BD 100% agree with our friend, the pizza was exceptional. The mozzarella and tomatoes are blended perfectly as the topping of the pie. The pizza itself was fresh, delicious, and crispy. It is a little doughy on the outer line of pizza (the line on the pizza that doesn’t get any topping, I don’t know the name for it, sorry about that!), but when we asked the waitress, that was normal. We have no other complain, only compliment! Well done! Oh, and the pizza is hand-made too!

Chicken Ravioli with Salsa al Branzino


Our next order was Chicken Ravioli with Salsa al Branzino. The original filler of the ravioli is beef, but because Miss BD is prohibited to eat beef, so we changed it to chicken. The chef told us, if we want chicken instead of beef, he can also make it quickly. One very big positive point here guys. 🙂 The ravioli also arrived fast, and we fall in love with the pasta and the sauce! Piccola Stella Trattoria offered a handmade and fresh ravioli for each order. The sauce was ultimately delicious. The dice-cut sea bass are to die for, cooked beautifully. The sauce is very creamy and astonishing. We will definitely come and order the combination of these pasta and sauce later!

Noblesse Merlot


It’s so rare that a restaurant has a fairly large range of wine as their beverage, but Piccola Stella Trattoria has. Like we stated earlier, we were allowed by the kind waitress to try the Impero Rosso. If you like wine, you will definitely happy with the variation they offered. We are not very expert in wine, so we cannot talk very much about the wine. Our order, Noblesse Merlot was nice. The alcohol is not very strong, and has a little bit of fruity taste inside it. Miss BD ordered Lemon Tea, and so far, this restaurant has the best Lemon Tea we ever drink!

Miss BD enjoy her first bite of Pizza!


Overall, we are very happy with our visit to Piccola Stella Trattoria. If you ever wonder where to eat for dinner, you may try this restaurant a shot. You might become addicted with their menu. However, we have a few suggestion for this restaurant. First, you may try to put some music for more lively ambience. Second, we got a hand-written receipt when we paid our order. It will be very much better if you invest on the cash-register with receipt printer integrated on it for more credibility. 🙂

Here is the price level and our recommended menu:

Pizza Margherita IDR39,000 Recommended
Salsa al Branzino IDR35,000 Recommended
Ravioli con Farcia al Vitello IDR29,000 Recommended
Noblesse Merlot IDR30,000 Recommended
Lemon Ice Tea IDR10,000 Recommended

You can visit this restaurant at this address:

Komp. Puri Legenda C3/6, Batam Centre, Batam, 29453

Here is the Google Map to arrive exactly in front of their place:

View Larger Map

See you later guys on our next journey! Have fun and stay healthy!

-Batam Dine-

PS: Mr. Carmine Palomba, good job! We will definitely try another menu on your restaurant soon.


Update: We heard that this restaurant had been closed.