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Hello Guys..

It’s a great thing that we can say hello to all of you again. Please don’t think that we were M.I.A, ok! 😉 Lately, we were focused and prepared everything for our first coming baby. 🙂

Anyway, talking about food and weight, both Mr. BD and Ms. BD have an update for you guys. Ms. BD who didn’t like chocolate and ice cream in her whole life, suddenly 180° changed to a sweet food lover! She ate a lot of chocolate and ice cream during her pregnancy and her weight was gained 23 kg. Huahaha… What a big task to make it slim after giving birth! On the other side, Mr. BD also tried to “compete” with Ms. BD. For 9 months only, his weight increased up to 5 kg and now in the red alert position of “obesity”. Ooppss! What should we do? Even though we realize our weight fact, we still enjoy our life. We just eat whatever we want to eat, at any time, any place. Haha.. It’s a bad lifestyle for now!

Alright, let’s find out which restaurant took our attention at this time. Living in Batam Centre made us more aware if any new restaurant opened in this location. With an eye-catching exterior, we decided to try Kez’s Bakery & Restaurant to enjoy our afternoon time. It’s located near De Bottle restaurant.

Kez’s Bakery & Restaurant

From the name, we knew that this place was not offering bakery only, but also restaurant menu. With a very nice layout, they divided the place into 2 parts, 1st floor for the bakery, and 2nd floor for the restaurant.

1st Floor – Kez’s Bakery

As you can see on above picture, the interior design was very beautiful. They arranged the cakes and breads very tempting and it made us eager to try all of them. The price was reasonable too. While Mr. BD took some photos, Ms. BD was looking for the bakery, and she chose Black Velvet Slice to be tried. Since we want to enjoy the cake here, we must pay the cake first and the waitress will bring it to our table later.

After looking at 1st floor interior, we were excited to see the 2nd floor layout.

2nd Floor – Kez’s Restaurant

The restaurant was cozy, clean, and well arranged. As for the interior, it was modern and elegant. They also turned on music to complete the ambiance. We can assure you that you will enjoy your chit chat time here. After chose our table, the waitress served the Black Velvet Slice, and it’s time to satisfy our belly! 😀

Black Velvet Slice

On the cake display, they have red velvet and black velvet. Red velvet with peanut and black velvet with almond. The black velvet was yummy with frosting cream in between the slice of moist cake. On top of it, the crunchy smashed oreo made it more delicious.

For restaurant menu, they offered western and Asian food such as salad, steak, pasta, sushi, nasi goreng, burger, and many more. And here what we ordered.

Fettuccine Truffle Cream

Fettuccine Truffle Cream

Kez’s restaurant offered three types of pasta, those are spaghetti, fettuccine, and penne. As recommended by our waiter, we chose truffle cream with fettuccine. Truffle cream was made from truffle essence, cream, and sauté mushroom. The fettuccine was cooked perfectly with a lot of truffle cream inside. It looked like a simple dish, but the taste was delicious! Unfortunately, the portion was quite small. This pasta reminded us on one of our favorite Italian restaurant, La Mia Casa, which was no longer opened due to fire last year. After a long journey, finally we found similar pasta quality of La Mia Casa’s. Sure, we will come back to this restaurant to try other menus.

Kez’s Sangria

Kez’s Sangria

Kez’s Sangria was a mixture of orange, lemon, lychee, pineapple juice, lemon juice, apple juice, and strawberry syrup. These 7 ingredients was mixed very well. There was no strong flavor on one or few items only. It was not only fresh, but also created a great taste sensation. For such perfect beverage, we can say it’s a must try one for you guys! 😉


Price and Recommended Menu

Black Velvet Slice IDR29,000 Recommended
Fettuccine Truffle Cream IDR53,000 Recommended
Kez’s Sangria IDR45,000 Must Try!

For bakery, there is no additional charge or tax.
For restaurant menu, price is excluded 8% service charge and 10% tax.


Kez’s Bakery & Restaurant
Ruko Kara Junction Blok A No. 7-9
Tel: +62-778-480-0152
Mon – Thu: 10.00 – 22.00
Fri – Sun: 10.00 – 23.00
Google Map:


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Till next time, stay happy and healthy guys..

And last but not least, a cute hello from our little baby to all of you! 😉

Little BD
Little BD









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    Welcome to the world cutie baby ???

    1. Thank you Aunt Elizabeth Bonita! 🙂

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