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HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY! Let’s hope that this year will be a better year for our country! Speaking of independence day, each restaurant has their promotion to celebrate this special day. Sour Sally Batam is no different! Before talking about their promotion, let’s see their best-selling yoghurt to make you craving for yoghurt more! Take a very very very good look on the chocolate sauce on top of the yoghurt guys!

Cup Family Black Sakura
Cup Family Black Sakura


We ordered CUP FAMILY BLACK SAKURA with standard three toppings. As the taste, it was super fresh as always! The black sakura was really refreshing, really enjoyable and their topping really kicks the taste to the moon! As you can see above, the chocolate was frozen and glistened onto the black sakura yoghurt from Sour Sally. You can get the same experience, and probably if you are being a good kid, you can get more than us. Ask your friendly staff to pour FROSTED CHOCO NUT.

Frosted Choco Nut
Frosted Choco Nut – courtesy of


Independence Day Promotion Sour Sally
Independence Day Promotion Sour Sally – courtesy of


Now about the promotion. This promotion is only available for TODAY, so grab it fast. For every order, whether it is mini cup or family cup, you will get FREE EXTRA ONE TOPPING. Let’s say you ordered Cup Family Black Sakura like us, you will get FOUR topping instead of three like us. This promotion is available on both stall in MEGAMALL BATAM CENTRE or NAGOYA HILL BATAMso grab it, and grab it fast guys! Go go go go go! Price is Rp54.500, and it worth every penny!

Don’t forget to join us at GIVEAWAY BATAM DINE in our social media every Friday every week. We have more than enough vouchers for you guys to enjoy! Uhuii…
Have fun and enjoy your day guys! Keep healthy and joyful for today, tomorrow, and more days in future!

-Batam Dine-


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