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Who doesn’t know Italian cuisine? We believe that almost all people know and have tried Italian cuisine. Italian cuisine is known as one of the nicest food in the world. Healthy food and simple cooking are what people think about Italian cuisine.

As for Batam Dine, we love Italian cuisine so much! And our step was stopped at a restaurant near Harmoni Hotel Batam Center, La Mia Casa Ristorante Italiano e Bar.

La Mia Casa Ristorante Italiano E Bar Front View


Semi Fine Dining Concept


When we entered the restaurant, the waiters were polite, helpful, and very welcoming. There was live music performed by a group band. We are more excited when we knew that the live music is not only on weekend, but every night! We have been looking for restaurant in Batam which served with live music and finally we find it out here. Yaaayyy…..! 😀 The good point is, when live music is performed, you still can have a casual conversation without yelling at one another in order to hear. If you have time and want to jam together with the band, you can come to them and tell them you want to play a song.  Very lively!

Live Music Group Band


As an Italian restaurant, their chef also come directly from Italy, so you can be sure you get an authentic Italian menu from real Italian chef. They also offer wide varieties of wine at their bar. For every customer, they will give you a shot of Limoncello, Italian classic liquor, which they made it by themselves as their compliment.

Our Welcome Bread came so quickly and the breads were still warm. What we like the most was the bread stick; it did taste nice and crispy. You can ask for the olive oil or butter, and we decided to take both, so we can try it all. Both were good, but personally we liked the butter.

Welcome Breads with Olive Oil and Butter


When we enjoyed the bread, suddenly the group band was singing a happy birthday song. It was for a man who came with his little family, a big smile came from that man shown that he was so happy for the surprise.

The Group and the Manager are Singing Happy Birthday for the Customer


Pinot Grigio Villa Vinea White Wine

When the Pinot Grigio Villa Vinea White Wine was arrived, the manager approached us. He then explained why there are 3 grapes inside the wine. To keep wine temperature to be still cold till some period, they used frozen grapes instead of ice. Their reason is, if they use ice, when the ice is melted, it will relieve the taste of wine. That’s why they innovated with frozen grapes which will keep the wine temperature without reducing the taste of the wine. In the end, we can eat the grapes too. The wine itself was so delicious. Anyway, we really appreciate for the explanation given to us.





Let us tell you that Ms. BD doesn’t eat beef because of personal reason. When we asked what main course with chicken as the protein, the manager recommended Petto Di Pollo Al Gorgonzola, diced chicken breast with Gorgonzola cheese cream sauce. It was well presented by the chef and made me eager to taste this food soon. Since we always remember Batam Diners, we hold our desire a few minutes for taking some pictures only for you guys. 🙂

Petto Di Pollo Al Gorgonzola

The chicken breast was tender and very well cooked with Gorgonzola cheese absorbed in the meat perfectly. The Gorgonzola cheese cream sauce itself was very delicious. This menu was served with fries and mixed vegetable. The taste of mixed vegetable was unique and yummy. When we combined the chicken with mixed vegetable and cheese cream sauce, it gave us a fantastic experience of food taste. For BD, it is not only a recommended dish, but it is a MUST TRY one! This chicken menu was the best we ever had.

We also ordered a menu with veal as the protein. The manager recommended Ossobuco Alla Moda Dello Chef or Braised Veal Knuckle with Tomato sauce. We also had the potato purée as the carbohydrate.

Ossobuco Alla Moda Dello Chef

As we got the main course in front of us, the manager approached us again. He told us how they made the protein. They boiled the veal with a very low temperature fire for quite a long time inside veal stock, and then mixed it with tomato sauce. The result was superb! The veal was very tender, easy to cut with knife. The taste was extremely delicious, and the most important thing, the portion was big! The purée however, was decent. In our opinion, the purée need a little bit more salt, and the taste will be perfect. They can do more improvement on the purée presentation too. But nevertheless, this menu was delicious, and you must try it if you like veal.

For dessert, we have Chocolate Mousse, cream of dark chocolate with custard and whipped cream, a generous and lovely serving which we rated very tasty. The portion is quite large and it’s enough for 2 persons.

Chocolate Mousse


From all menus we tried, below are the price list and recommended dish ala BD

Welcome Bread Free of Charge
Petto Di Pollo Al Gorgonzola IDR85,000 MUST TRY
Ossobuco Alla Moda Dello Chef IDR167,000 Recommended
Chocolate Mousse IDR45,000 Recommended
Pinot Grigio Villa Vinea White Wine IDR60,000/glass Recommended

One thing that we maybe cannot find in other restaurants is, they have a unique yet very entertaining waiter. Here is the guy, you have to find out this waiter and keep an eye on his gestures when music is on. 😀

Attractive Waiter & Ms. BD 😀


Open on Wednesday – Monday at 11.00 AM – 10.30 PM. Find out this restaurant on Google Map as below

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It’s a great point for La Mia Casa for all of their hospitality to serve their customers. The owner, the manager, the chef, and the waiters are very well communicate and friendly with their customers. As well as the delicious foods, this kind of friendliness is what get people to come back. This restaurant is offering variety of Italian food, from appetizer, main course, pasta, pizza, till dessert, and of course the wines. Sure, we will be visiting this restaurant a lot more now, thanks for this new discovery of culinary, La Mia Casa Ristorante Italiano e Bar.

Ps: If you guys have a special occasion to be celebrated, such as birthday party, date with the lovely one, chit chat with business partners, or just hang out with your friends, we highly recommend this place for you to get an enjoy dinner and lively ambiance on your special event. And also, don’t forget to like our Facebook BD and follow our Twitter BD for latest information and event!

As always, keep eat healthy and have a new adventure on Batam culinary.

Batam Dine


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