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Have you ever try to take your dinner inside a restroom? We had! At RestRoom Cafe.

For few weeks, we were curious with this cafe. The cafe looks funny, and they even have one neon-banner with restroom logo in front of their cafe. Last Sunday, we finally had the time to visit this cafe. Their cafe is located outside of the mall, but still inside of the compound. If you already inside of the mall, the fastest route to reach this cafe is go out of the mall using “Matahari” department store slide door. Or if you just come, you can easily drive your car until you see their neon display, like this:

Rest Room Cafe


When we visited the cafe, their ambience is funny and cheerful. Everything inside is something that you can see inside the restroom. The desk is made from bathub, the chair is shaped like a toilet, and some accessories are hanging on their wall. Their chosen color was bright and make you feel relaxed.

Ambiance of RestRoom Cafe


The Cashier desk is also cute!

Miss BD at the Cashier Desk


When we were coming inside, the restaurant was silent, so we had time to get picture of the restaurant. The waiter was polite and quite helpful. When we asked about their recommended menu, they immediately told us their recommendation was Laksa RRC (abbreviation of RestRoom Cafe) and Nasi Kuning (Yellow Rice) RRC. And for beverage, they have some recommendation like Green Juice and Es Capek (Exhausted Ice). The name of “exhausted” was coming from the fact that this beverage containing quite a lot of variation inside it, hence makes the worker feel exhausted whenever they need to make it. Funny name. We decided to order one of Es Capek. Green Juice was Vegetable Juice, but we decided to pass it for today.

The food came quite fast. And here is the Laksa RRC. You should examine the bowl, very funny!

Front view of Laksa RRC


Side View of Laksa RRC


You will get beehon, chicken, shrimps, anchovies, dried tempeh, egg, and tofu, mixed in the spicy soup. When we tried the laksa, it was a little bit too salty, and too spicy. We suspect the anchovies as the culprit, since the anchovies was very salty. We also suspect that they put too much coconut cream inside their soup. You may consider to mix it with rice to make it a little bit normal. However, the portion was quite big, and you might feel too full if you mix it with rice. But that’s your call. We don’t recommend it, eventhough the taste was decent. The interesting thing about this menu just only the bowl.

Our next menu Nasi Kuning RRC came shortly after the laksa. Here is the display. The plate was a normal plate.

Nasi Kuning RRC


The portion also big. The rice was fragrant, and taste nicely. The dried potato (you can see the dried potato just behind the chicken) was not too crispy, but the taste was also nice. The fried chicken was fresh, fragrant, and cooked nicely. The star on this menu was the chili sauce. Its taste was wonderful, not too hot. Whenever you put your chicken on the chili, the taste will be improved greatly. However, this menu is more suitable as lunch rather than dinner.

Last menu is the beverage, Es Capek. The glass was very funny and unique. It exactly like a loo. Here is the picture.

Es Capek RRC


This beverage was mixed of longan, jelly, selasih, coconut, and maybe soda. The taste was unique and we recommend this beverage. The taste was refreshing. It’s a pity the portion is not as big as the food. 😛

So here they are, our unique experience, took dinner inside the “restroom”. It was funny and unique, but the food was quite disappointing.

Now let’s see their price level:

Laksa RRC IDR24.000
Nasi Kuning RRC IDR20.000 Recommended
Es Capek RRC IDR18.000 Recommended

Our best advice for you is, you may come to this cafe at noon. Never bother to order the laksa unless you really like spicy laksa with funny bowl. You may try the Nasi Kuning and Es Capek.

Since this cafe is located inside Nagoya Hill Mall Complex, we can only give you the direction to Nagoya Hill as follow.

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That’s it guy, our experience. Hope you can get useful information from us! Have fun and stay healthy! Cheers!

-Batam Dine-

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