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Hello guys, good evening..

Hope you fill your day doing what you really love!  As for BD, we always do what we love, eating….. 😉 All right, last Saturday, Batam Dine visited Nagoya Hill to watch Thor and do some weekly shopping. After watching the amazing Thor, we felt a little hungry, but not hungry enough to eat something like rice or noodle. We were wandering around, and we found a new cafe, it’s called Caffein.

 The cafe is fairly small, but quite elegant. You can see their front shop as follow:

Front View of Caffein Cafe

They also have a broad choice of cake, as shown on their display cabinet. We then asked the waiter which one was the favorite or recommended for us. Since Mr. BD likes cheese and chocolate so much, he forced Ms. BD to chose what he wanted! 😀 The waiter was recommending Oreo Cheesecake for us to try! As for the beverages, we chose Oreo Freeze (we ate a lot of Oreo that day, guys!) and Cafe Latte. After chosing our menu, we were going upstairs to sit and enjoy the cafe decoration.


Unfortunately, our camera battery was drained, and Mr. BD forgot to bring another battery, so we forced to use our phone’s camera to take the pictures, please forgive us….. Anyway, our cake and beverages came quickly.  Here are the pictures:

Oreo Cheesecake

They did a pretty food plating for the cake, and the flavor was lovely too. The cheese was thick, so it advised for you to always at least took some oreo to accompany the cheese. Overall, the cake was delicious, but we expect the cheese to be a little bit soft. The owner of Caffein also told us that they have light, medium, and thick cheesecake. We will certainly come to try the medium and light one!


Oreo Freeze

This drink was very very very refreshing. Sweet, but not very sweet to make you gag. This is simply the lovely drink to order if you want to relax and talking with your friends there. The maker of this drink made one simple but very benefiting their customer. They don’t blend the ice until they become very soft. Instead, they will leave some small ice on the bottom of the drink. They have two reasons for their innovation. First, the ice will melt slower so their customer can enjoy their drink while chitchatting. Second reason, they do that so the drink will not become bland due melted ice and caused the water to be mixed with the drink. Simple, yet interesting innovation from the maker. Great job!


Cafe Latte with Biscuit

The latte was refreshing. Since Mr. BD likes sweet, he put two teaspoon of sugar onto the latte. The flavor was soft but still delicious. You can put more sugar if you want to! They also did a great job to be able to draw a lovely flower on top of the latte. 🙂 Ah, you will also get a biscuit to accompany your latte, to make your latte a little bit more sweety from the biscuit.


Overall, we enjoyed our time during our visit. See how Ms. BD enjoyed her cake! 🙂

Ms. BD enjoyed her cake!


Here is the price we have to pay:

Oreo Freeze IDR28,000 Recommended
Cafe Latte IDR24,800
Oreo Cheesecake IDR21,800


Since this cafe is located inside Nagoya Hill, we can give you the Google Map to Nagoya Hill as below:

View Larger Map


After you follow the map to Nagoya Hill, you can find NAV family karaoke or K-One family karaoke. The cafe will be around there!

That will wrap our story about Caffein guys. 🙂 If you ever looking for snack, good coffee, or some cake, you may consider to visit this cafe. They also provide you with free Wi-Fi.

Have you ever visit this cafe? Please comment and give your thought on the comment box below! Don’t forget to share this story to your friends too!

See you guys, keep healthy and stay fun!


Batam Dine


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  1. Erlina Tan Avatar
    Erlina Tan

    Hahaha.. Tq for the review, i shall drop by to try sometimes 🙂

  2. Haryadi S. Avatar
    Haryadi S.

    Visited there last weekend, coffee and cake at Caffein was really delicious,cozy place, plus great service! 😀

    1. Hey, thanks for commenting! What did you take when you visit this cafe?

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