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Batam is famous with their cheap gadgets among local tourists. While this is true, the price difference is not that high. Nevertheless, you can find some gadgets with 5-10% cheaper than the retail price at another city in Indonesia. You can find a huge range of laptops, digital cameras, smart phones, and any other accessories.

We recommend you to visit Lucky Plaza, located near Nagoya Hill Mall. They open their store from 9 AM to around 8 PM every day. You can always haggle their offer to get their best price. We strongly recommend you to check the usual retail price before deciding to buy any item at Lucky Plaza. A little pre-caution never hurts!

While you may busy finding out your wanted gadget here, you can also grab a lunch or brunch near Lucky Plaza. We find one restaurant behind Lucky Plaza which is recommended for you to try out, Sop Ayam Kampung Tua Poh Tie (Tua Poh Tie Chicken Soup). Their slogan is “built from 1st May 1995 with 3 chickens”, unique right? Tehehe.. Since it is kind of Chinese food restaurant, they also offer variety of Chinese food, such as onion fried chicken, fried rice, fried kwetiau, omelet, shrimp noodle, etc. A good news for our Moslem friends, this restaurant is 100% halal, no pork inside. 🙂

Behind Lucky Plaza, there is other Chicken Soup restaurants with similar banner in front. What we know is Sop Ayam Kampung Tua Poh Tie is the best place to serve the dish. BD took a photo of their banner so that you can make sure that you are going to the right place. Here is the picture.

Front View of Sop Ayam Kampung Tua Poh Tie


We arrived to this restaurant around 2 PM. The place was fairly quiet and messy since it was quite late for lunch time (We had went there before at lunch time, the place was so crowded and almost no empty space). At the first step we went into the restaurant, the chef himself welcomed us with a big smile. After we chose our table, we then ordered 2 portions Sop Ayam Kampung (Chicken Soup) and 1 bottle Teh Bunga (Chrysanthemum Tea). While waiting, the waitress put some Otak-Otak (Fish Pie) on our table.


Otak-Otak (Fish Pie)

Otak-Otak (Fish Pie) is a cake made of fish meat and spices, one of Batam’s common side dish on some Chinese food restaurants. The taste is just decent. You can try this to tame your wild belly while waiting your main course served…. 😉

But, here, they dished up our order so quick. We already have our dish on the table less than 5 minutes.


Sop Ayam Kampung (Chicken Soup)

The Sop Ayam Kampung (Chicken Soup) consist of free range chicken meat, potatoes, and carrots. They put a lot of pepper inside the soup, and it made the soup become too spicy. The air circulation also not so good. It made the place become stuffy. Hot soup + hot place was a perfect combination to make us super sweaty while taking our lunch. If you don’t like pepper so  much, you can request to the chef to not put any pepper inside. Nevertheless, the soup was so fresh and delicious.


Teh Bunga (Chrysanthemum Tea)

Since we have a precious moment to chit chat with the chef, we then asked about the Teh Bunga (Chrysanthemum Tea). It’s a handmade tea. The tea flower was come from China directly and he put 3 types of flower as ingredients. He made it at night and sell it on tomorrow morning. And for the name of tea, it has a unique story. Since Chef Tua Poh Tie has become a grandfather, he then named the tea as Akong Teh Bunga which means Grandfather’s Chrysanthemum Tea. The chrysanthemum tea has a strong scent of flower. If you wish to get natural handmade tea, you can consider to try this one.


For price list and recommended menu, you can see on below table.

Sop Ayam Kampung (Chicken Soup) + Steamed Rice IDR28,000 Recommended
Otak-Otak (Fish Pie) IDR2,000/pc
Teh Bunga (Chrysanthemum Tea) IDR10,000


If you guys planning to visit this restaurant, here is the full address:

Komplek Sri Jaya Abadi Blok D No.5, Batam

Tel. +62-778-726 4238 / +62-778-701 3828

Operating hours: Mon ~ Sun at 06.30 ~ 19.00


For easier way, you can follow direction on Google Map below to reach in front of the restaurant.

View Larger Map


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Hope you enjoy your day and see you soon!

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