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Hello Batam Diners,

Have you ever think about mouth-watering, very tempting aroma of freshly steamed snapper? Or crunchy deep fried shrimp that melt away on your mouth? Or maybe…maybe a spicy, tender yet juicy fresh meat of crab in front of you, ready to be eaten? Well, we are thinking about that now!

As you might already know, Batam is very famous with their fresh seafood. You can practically find seafood restaurant everywhere in Batam, even if you go to the very edge of this island, you will still find the restaurant there! We also posted a brief information about this seafood heaven in our article here, Five Things to Do in Batam. You may want to read it if you want to know, what to do in Batam.

However, let’s get back to our yum yum story about seafood! For this time, BD wants to share one of our favorite seafood place, Rezeki Seafood. It’s located on Nongsa and we called it as another outlying area in Batam which hiding a great restaurant. 🙂 We can assure you that this restaurant is really serving live seafood as you can see and choose your very choice of fish or shrimp or crab or whatever you want. 🙂 This restaurant has been in business for almost 20 years. So now, let’s find out our experience!


Butter Fried Shrimp

Butter Fried Shrimp

As you can see on the picture, it looked sweet, juicy, and delicious. Your observation is spot on! The flavor was fairly strong yet not too overwhelming. We never skipped this menu whenever we visit this restaurant. As opposed to some restaurants, Rezeki Seafood successfully managed to stay consistent on the flavor. Overall, this is one of our favorite menu in this restaurant.

Since this menu is not deep fried, you may find that some of the shells are still too hard to swallow. You should decide by yourself whether the shell is too hard to swallow or not. Mr. BD  usually eat all of the shrimp, from head to tail, but for this menu he decided to open the shell and only eat the meat.


Crab with Padang Sauce

Crab with Padang Sauce

Let us tell you a little bit story of this sauce. “Padang” is the capital city of West Sumatra province. This city is very well known for their strong and spicy food. So yeah, this crab is fairly spicy, but not very hot in our opinion. The crab itself was great, full of meat, and juicy. You can always expect to get the best of crab only if you get it fresh, still alive when you choose the crab. A little pro-tip from us, if you happened to choose your own crab, try to squeeze it’s stomach. If you can feel something solid inside, then you can safely say that the crab is fat.

The shell of the crab has been cracked properly, which made us easy to eat the meat inside. However, you may still find some part of the shell that is not cracked enough. Be sure to use crab-cracker, or you will get a hard time opening its shell. Be sure to mix some of the Padang sauce onto your rice before eating this crab to get the magnificent experience….hot, spicy, juicy crab meat, mixed with a spoon of rice enriched with the sauce….YUM! We literally drooling while writing this review…. 😛

Be sure to choose this menu when you visit this restaurant, trust us, it’s worth it.


Fried Calamari

Fried Calamari

The fried calamari was decent, not bad, but not good either. Up to now, we were still find it hard to get a good cooked calamari in Batam island, do you have any suggestion? It was cooked great, not overcook nor undercook, but they need to improve in term of flavor.


Green Mussels with Padang Sauce

Green Mussels with Padang Sauce

Another Padang Sauce??? Of course! In our very own opinion, Padang Sauce is very suitable for crab and mussels. The sauce itself was usually hot and spicy, but this time it tasted a little bit sour. We don’t know what made it, but sour sauce is definitely not tasty. The sauce was freshly made, but we suspect they put too much key lime into the sauce. Some of you may be afraid with how red it is, but don’t worry, it was not too hot. 🙂


Steamed Snapper

Steamed Snapper

When you see the picture, what could be in your mind? If you say, the presentation was terrible, we cannot agree more. We understand that this is not five star restaurant, but at least they can make the fish presented better than this one. It looked messy, cut poorly, and not very tempting. As for the taste, it tasted okay. If we were going to give it a score, we would score it 4 out of 10.

In term of garnishes, they only use ginger as the garnish, which is not good enough. The only positive thing from this menu was the freshness of the fish. Other than that, you may consider different fish menu, like deep fried or another.


Sauteed Broccoli with Garlic

Sauteed Broccoli with Garlic

Whether it’s suitable to accompany our seafood or not, broccoli is a healthy vegetable we never skipped on our family dining. 😉 The color was still good when it served and the taste was nice too. The portion was enough for four people.


Coconut Orange

Coconut Orange

This beverage was made from extracted orange with sliced coconut. There was no ice inside, but you can request it if you want. The taste was fresh and delicious. It came in big glass but the portion was just right for one person. We loved it.


For all those menus, we spent IDR1.7million (SGD185) after tax for 16 persons eating. Here is our bill.


Live seafood in Batam is expensive. Nevertheless, it is considered cheap for foreigner. For BD, as long as we get what we paid for, it’s just worth it.


It’s not easy to find out the location of this restaurant, but taxi driver should know this place. If you consider to come here by driving on yourself, we highly recommend you to follow Google Map we provided below.

Address: Batu Besar, RT.01/RW.02, Nongsa, Batam

Tel: +62 778 761 180 or +62 812 7023 942

Mon – Sun: 10.00AM – 10.00PM

Google Map:                                                    

View Larger Map


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17 responses to “Rezeki Seafood”

  1. hi sis, untuk fried calamari yg enak, cobain yg di xiang-xiang, tempat makan di sebelah adi-8, baloi. Sukses terus buat makan-makannya.

  2. I am going to Batam on 10th September, staying in Harmoni Suite for 3D2N.
    Can you recommend me good & cheap food?
    Hopefully not too far away from my hotel!
    Thank you!

    1. Hi Yvonne,

      Harmoni Suites Hotel is located in a strategic area, Nagoya.
      You can find a lot of cheap yet delicious food there.
      For walking distance restaurants near your hotel, you can consider these places
      – Lesehan Kediri (back side of Harmoni Suites)
      – Sop Ayam Kampung Tua Poh Tie (back side of Lucky Plaza)
      – Sate Madura Umar (in front of Nagoya Hill)

      You can also go to Nagoya Hill Shopping Mall and find these restaurants
      – Coffee Story Co.
      – Ayam Penyet Ria
      – Bakso Lapangan Tembak

      or Nagoya City Walk Mall for these restaurants
      – Black Canyon Coffee
      – X.O Suki
      – Brewsky & Co
      – Mr. Pancake

      We have all the review for above mentioned restaurants in our website.
      You can use our SEARCH column at top right side of BD home page and write down the restaurant name.
      Or, in Google, simply use keyword “restaurant name + batam dine” and you’ll find our link review at Google first page.

      Hope you’ll enjoy your time in Batam and share your experience with us. 🙂

  3. Hi there,

    I will be going to batam on 11th of Oct. I will be staying ta Harris waterfront resort. I would like to dine in at Rezeki Restaurant. Please advise how long is the travel from my hotel to the place and how much would the taxi cost. Please also advise a good timing to have my dinner there to avoid the crowd.


    1. Hi Sumi, from Harris Waterfront Resort to Rezeki Seafood is quite far, around 30 km.
      If you go by taxi, it may cost you at IDR150,000 for one way only. So, round trip maybe around IDR300,000.
      For the other option, you might want to consider to rent a car, it’s about IDR400,000 per 8 hours.
      Rezeki seafood is quite crowded at lunch time. So, it would be better if you go at dinner time.
      But, they have a lot of waitress and the service quite fast even though a lot of customer there.
      Hope you enjoy your time in Batam! 😀

  4. Hi!

    I will be at Batam during Jan 2015. Will be staying at Batam View Beach Resort. Do you mind sharing the contact for the car rental? Thanks!


    1. Hi Syamil,

      Unfortunately we don’t have any recommendation for car rental in Batam right now.
      But, for a trust-able taxi in Batam, you may try Blue Bird Taxi at +62-778-421234.
      Or, you can ask Batam View staff to help you find a suitable transportation during your stay.

      Good luck!

  5. Hi. May I know if the food served is halal / is the restaurant halal certified?

  6. Hi Hani..

    Yes, all the menus are halal. But we didnt see halal certificate in this restaurant.
    Fyi, almost all restaurants in Batam do not apply halal certificate to government due to it cost them a lot of money. So, as long as the restaurant does not sell menu containing any pork inside, we will put it into Halal Food list.

  7. Salam,
    My family consist of 14paxs.Age from as young as 8 yrs old to 69 yrs old.
    All of us will be staying at Harmoni Hotel, please advice where can we eat beside McDonalds & KFC. What places that are not to be miss that located near our hotel since we will be there for 3days 2nights.

    Thank you

    1. Hi Zack,

      Looking at your question, we just realized that we haven’t updated our list of “Find Restaurant Near You” for Harmoni Hotel. Thanks for it. 🙂

      Anyway, if you stay at Harmoni Hotel Nagoya, there are plenty of places you should not miss out. Here are some recommendations for you.

      For walking distance restaurants near your hotel, you can consider these places
      – Warung Tekko (near Planet Holiday Hotel), BD review:
      – Sate Madura Umar (in front of Nagoya Hill), BD review:
      – Warung Podomoro, BD review:
      – RM Sunda Ibu Joko, BD review:

      You can also go to Nagoya Hill Shopping Mall and find these restaurants
      – Zenbu, BD review:
      – Pempek Citra (food street area)
      – Ayam Penyet Ria (food street area)

      Hope you’ll enjoy your time in Batam and share your experience with us.

  8. I am wondering if it is easy to get a cab back to our hotel after we finish dinner at Rezki Seafood. As there are only two girls going, I am wondering if it is safe and easy to get a cab back. We will be staying at Nagoya Mansion. Please advice. Thanks.

    1. Hi Nora,

      It is quite difficult to get a cab from Rezeki Seafood as the place is quite far from main street.
      Luckily now we have our own car rental company named AWITA CAR RENTAL which is serve port to port car rental. We can make sure that you will be safe with our car rental service. Price? Cheaper than taxi! Simply contact us at +62-812-7686-2965 for more questions.

      1. Thank you for your suggestion. Does it come with a driver? As we girls do not drive and have no licence.

        1. Hi Nora, Yes. Driver and gas included!

  9. Hi,

    We will be staying at Harris Waterfront. Kindly recommend any good and nice restaurant near the area, Rezeki is quite far.

    Thank you.

    1. Hi ADC,

      Harris Waterfront is far from city. You can try Barelang Seafood for the nearest recommended seafood restaurant.

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