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Last week, we spent our weekend in Jakarta for holiday and culinary party. 😀 After came back to Batam, we were thinking about the delicious food we tried there, especially from Ikkudo Ichi, one of famous Japanese restaurant in Jakarta. Craving for Japanese food in Batam, it finally made us try this restaurant, Zenbu.


They designed the restaurant in Japanese style with a lot of wooden element. When we entered the restaurant, some of the waitress were greet us enthusiastically with “irasshaimase!” which means “welcome”. 🙂

Restaurant Inside

The place was dimly lit and cozy. They also turned on random music to complete the ambience. For their food range, it was a lot! They have mozaru, teppanyaki, donburi, ramen, omurice, udon, curry rice, modanyaki, furai, yakimeshi, sashimi, and of course sushi. To be frank, it made us confused which one to order. Luckily we have a very helpful waitress at that time. She answered our questions patiently and tried to recommend their best menu to us. In the end, here is what we ordered, Ocha Cool, Mozaru Salmon, Zenbu Ramen, and Shisamo Roll.

Complete Set Menu BD


Now, let’s see it one by one!

Ocha Cool

Ocha Cool

Eating at Japanese restaurant? A glass of ocha cool should be never missed out! The ocha was fragrant. It was really fresh and not bitter. Surprise news, it was free of charge and can be refill. Wow! Double kill! 😀 So, if you have a long conversation here, don’t worry, free flow ocha will be always available for you guys..

Mozaru Salmon

Mozaru Salmon

With slogan of “house of mozaru”, we should not pass the signature dish from this restaurant. Our waitress recommended us to try Mozaru Salmon + Butter Rice + Dynamite Sauce + Extra Cheese. This fusion dish was a blend of butter rice with salmon, covered with Mozarella cheese and dynamite sauce. Since we ordered regular size, the portion was just enough for one person. At our first bite, the composition of mozaru was blended very well! The cheese was savory and mixed very well with sour and sweet dynamite sauce. The butter rice was cooked perfectly. And the salmon hiding inside the sauce and rice was still crispy and tasty. It was really DELICIOUS and a PERFECT dish from this restaurant. We can say that this is a MUST TRY menu from Zenbu, house of mozaru. 😉

Zenbu Ramen

Zenbu Ramen

Zenbu Ramen is a noodle soup with combination of chicken, beef, and ebi. They have three kinds of soup for option, shiro (miso), kuro (shoyu), or dynamite soup. And we tried their miso soup. At the first sip of the soup, it tasted savory. But, the noodle was overcooked for us. The beef and chicken’s texture was soft. For ebi and onion ring, it should be dipped into the soup so that we can felt the taste better.

Shisamo Roll

Shisamo Roll

This sushi was a combination of shisamo fish and spicy mayonnaise, covered with fish roe (tobiko) which rich of Omega-3. Hmm,, looks so healthy. And the presentation was really mouth watering, don’t you think so? 😉 The taste was as good as the presentation. Unfortunately, they sliced the sushi too big, so, it was quite difficult to taste the roll in one bite.

Price and Recommended Menu

Mozaru Salmon + Extra Cheese IDR89,000 MUST TRY
Zenbu Ramen IDR69,000 Recommended
Shisamo Roll IDR48,000 Recommended
Ocha Cool Free of Charge MUST TRY

Price is excluded service charge 5% and tax 10%.

North Lobby, Mall Nagoya Hill, Batam (Near Matahari Department Store)
Tel: +62-778-749-3830
Mon – Sun: 10.30 – 21.30
Google Map:

For the last impression, when we left the restaurant, the waitresses were yelling us with “arigato gozaimasu!”. Thank you! 😀

Ok guys, hope our story can give you some reference for Japanese restaurant in Batam. And for sure, we will be back to this place very soon to try their other menus. If you have your favorite dish from Zenbu, do share with us in the comment below.
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Till next time, keep eat healthy and see ya!
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