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For the last few months, Batam has evolved from ordinary city into a glistening place to work, hang out, and have fun with your friends. Numerous places to hangout, new restaurants with many concepts,  vast amount of new hotels and apartments are being raised from the ground by well-known developers. BD believes within few years, we can compete fairly with Bali! What we can hope from our local government is to improve our local heritage, local dance, local song, more tourist traps, and more events to makes Kepulauan Riau and Batam specifically more famous!

Talking about famous, one of the new hotels is calling to our attention, FAME HOTEL BATAM. The hotels has been around for almost one year. Located at Batu Aji, they strived to give more alternatives for people who are going to stay in Batam and do business at Batu Aji. Going to Fame Hotel is like going to a completely different place. Lots of vintage stuff and vibrant color will welcome you when you enter their hotel.

Front View of Fame Hotel
Front View of Fame Hotel


One Corner of Fame Hotel
One Corner of Fame Hotel


We were greeted by beautiful marketing staff, Ms. Roza, discussed a few about stuff here and there, and promptly go to their restaurant to try their signature dish! For this April promo, they have two special drinks, GOTHAM CITY FRAPPE and SMALLVILLE SPARKLING to join the hype of Batman VS Superman: Dawn of Justice. Have you seen the movie? Since we came at lunch time, we also ordered TRADITIONAL OXTAIL SOUP and FISH AND CHIPS. Let’s see what they offer here! But first, let’s see their restaurant.

Main Restaurant of Fame Hotel
Main Restaurant of Fame Hotel


Outdoor Restaurant
Outdoor Restaurant



Traditional Oxtail Soup
Traditional Oxtail Soup – Rp134.000


The oxtail soup was so DEH-LI-CI-OUS! They claimed they use no MSG, and we believed that! We found no traces of MSG anywhere, and the soup was so fresh. The oxtail was tender, easy to chew, and really rich in flavor. Inside the bowl was a masterpiece, with all inside that cooked perfectly, even the vegetables tasted great. Even the chips tasted delicious, I think they did their best to create this dish. Price was really worth-it guys, you should try it.


Fish and Chips
Fish and Chips – Rp65.000


Another great menu from Fame Hotel. The fish was perfectly battered and fried, the fries was also delicious, crispy to the end of the bites. Tartar sauce was also stunning. Cannot find any weakness here. Immaculate dish!


Gotham City Frappe - Rp20.000
Gotham City Frappe – Rp20.000


Menu of the month! Grab it while you still can. Perfect frappe. The chocolate, milk, and the oreo was blended perfectly and really gives you the freshness you need after eating your lunch. Drink it while it still cold to get the best experience! You must try this menu, period.


Smallville Sparkling - Rp20.000
Smallville Sparkling – Rp20.000


Another menu of the month! Only available for this month guys. Fresh chopped fruits combined with cyrup and soda. Really refreshing, and figuratively spark your inner body with it’s soda. Super delightful drinks. Don’t forget to ask small spoon to swoop all of the fruits into your demanding mouth and enjoy the freshness of it. Recommended drinks for you!

Overall, we had an excellent experience having lunch here! If you happened to be oxtail soup enthusiast or fish and chips lover, you can try their menu here, really worth it!

Price and Menu Recommendation

Traditional Oxtail Soup Rp134.000 Recommended
Fish and Chips Rp65.000 Recommended
Gotham City Frappe Rp20.000 Must Try!
Smallville Sparkling Rp20.000 Recommended

Price excluding VAT and service fee.


Putri Hijau Complex, Jalan Let. Jend. R. Suprapto, Batu Aji, Kepulauan Riau
Phone: (0778) 736 1111
Open Daily: 11.00 AM – 11.00PM
Category: Halal Restaurant

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We hope you enjoy our stories here. What do you think? Do you like oxtail soup? Or Fish and Chips? Have any recommendation menu from Fame? Share with us here!

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See you next time guys, stay healthy, and have fun!

-Batam Dine-


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  1. Duh siang-siang liat yang beginian.. langsung laper lagi… 😀

    1. yuk ah cobain.. 😀

  2. Meski lidah belepotan membacanya..namun mata dan perut langsung mengerti maknanya dengan melihat foto2nya….hahah minuman nya ada biji selasihnya pas banget utk aku yg lagi kehausan dan panas dalam…harga pun masih sesuai kantong ya…

    1. Hehehehe.. itu Smallville enak tuh, lapi lebih enak lagi yang Gotham, kalo suka minuman creamy-creamy coklat gitu, beeeeeh… juara dah..

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