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Since we are stranded in our lovely island due to personal reason, we should keep ourselves occupied so we are not get bored instead. So, we accepted the invitation from our Instagram friend, @ladyhappy83 to enjoy a short escape from city life into the OMBAK BAR to enjoy their surprisingly beautiful renovated location. We visited this place at least one year ago and we were surprised that many things has happened and improved. We are impressed guys!

Located at KTM Resort Sekupang, we can arrived to this place at around 25 minutes from Nagoya area, not too far away, but the ambience was way different than at city area. As always, Kwan Im Goddess will welcome you when you arrived at this place!

Huge Kwan Im Statue

Huge Kwan Im Statue


The ambience of this bar, not really a bar to be honest, but more like a luxury cafe, because the location is located outside, where you can see our beautiful ocean, and a slight view of Singapore, really really far from there. We really impressed with their great choice of color. Blue cushion with white wicker wooden chair. Beautiful and really spot on. However, don’t forget to make reservations with them before you go here, because their management is quite strict with it. And also, even with reservation, you should double or triple check with them that they already made a reservation for your booking, because last time we were here, our reservation was gone without trails, and we have to argue a little with their officers before we were let in.

Ambience of Ombak Bar

Ambience of Ombak Bar


Bar of Ombak Bar

Bar of Ombak Bar


As you can see above, that is their so-called bar, where the waitress or waitresses preparing our food and drinks. And pictures below, the ladies.. with additional little Vincent, hehe. Beautiful ladies from all around Batam gathered at Ombak Bar to enjoy the beautiful evening moment together.

Ladies +Vincent

Ladies +Vincent


Of course, since we are Batam Dine, we should order some food and review it! So to accompany us, we ordered two kinds of pizza, CHEESE PIZZA and HAWAIIAN PIZZA, with MANGO JUICE as our beverage. Let’s see the overview of them, except MANGO JUICE, since we forgot to take any picture of it… sorry guys.. 🙁


Cheese Pizza

Cheese Pizza – Rp100.000

As you can see above, we just got plain pizza with cheese on top of it. The cheese itself was not as thick as we expect it to be. The crust itself was decent, not burnt, but the flavor was far from spectacular. As Mr. BD is a cheese lover, but he was not really satisfied with it. The price was also pricey, but maybe understandable if you see that they sell their view.


Hawaiian Pizza - Rp150.000

Hawaiian Pizza – Rp150.000

Better pizza from Ombak Bar! The topping was chicken and pineapple. The crust was also decent, but the topping was much much better. Chicken and pineapple was surprisingly blended well on top of the pizza. The sauce and the cheese was also enjoyable. At leat the taste was better than cheese pizza, but not really spectacular, considering the price.

Once again, we were impressed by the improvement that KTM Resort had done. Hopefully their reservation manager can improve too, so people can enjoy Ombak Bar to the fullest without having  any problem! Overall, we enjoyed our time here, and hopefully other people too, and you should too!

Price and Menu Recommendation

Cheese Pizza Rp100.000
Hawaiian Pizza Rp150.000
Mango Juice Rp50.000  Recommended

Above price is excluded 15% tax.

Ombak Bar @ KTM Resort Sekupang

KTM Resort Sekupang

Mon – Sun: 16.30 – 24.00 (reservation in advance is a must)

Exact location of Ombak Bar can be found by following this map guys! Click on map using your mobile and you will get the route to that place.

Till next time guys, stay healthy and have fun!

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