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Howdy guys, we were busy eating every day but we never forget about you! We always try to inform you about delicious food all across Batam, whether it is brick-and-mortar business or online business.

Nowadays, we can find a lot of people try to sell either food or beverage via an online shop. Most of them will gladly deliver their products to your place, and just a few of them will ask you to fetch the products by yourselves. One of the online shops that we stumbled upon during our playing time in Instagram is JURAGAN BAKPAO T-1 by sis @feilie9 in Instagram.

She sells various bakpao such as chicken, pork, tausa, and coconut. She also sells bakpao without filling, or we usually call it mantou. According to history, bakpao has been widely eaten since Zhuge Liang time, the famous tactician that assisting Liu family in the story of The Three Kingdoms. Have you ever see or read about it? If you haven’t, you should, since that story is very very complex and beautiful, you will not regret it spending your time reading the story.

Back to the bakpao, we tried CHICKEN PAO, PORK PAO, TAUSA PAO, and COCONUT PAO. You can see them below!

Bakpao from @Feilie9 in Instagram
Bakpao from @Feilie9 in Instagram


As you can see from the picture above, the contour of the bakpao is very beautiful and very well done, and it’s true! Soft and fluffy on the outside, full of filler in the inside! The bun was soft like an expensive pillow, made us felt hesitated to eat it. But we must be brave, so we could show the inside for you guys! And here we are, the inside of the bakpao.

Inside of Chicken Pao
Inside of Chicken Pao


Inside the chicken pao you will find chicken meat and egg as the filler. From the aroma alone, we can felt the taste of the meat. It was fragrance, very well cooked, and looks really appetizing. When we tried to eat it, our assumption was correct, the chicken was AMAZING! As we mentioned before, the chicken was very well cooked, rich in flavor, definitely one of the best chicken pao we ever try in Batam. It was a shame we only ordered one since the chicken pao and the pork pao was super delicious.

We didn’t take any picture of others pao, since the texture will be quite similar, but we can tell the taste here. The pork pao, as you all know, must be NON-HALAL. Inside the pao you will find pork meat, egg, and a piece of lapchiong! The pork was also very well done, super tasty! The coconut pao was fairly sweet and is a good choice if you are a vegan.

In overall, we were very impressed by the bakpao from sis Fei Lie. It was a pleasure to eat such a very well done bakpao. For the price is as follow:

Chicken Pao Rp15.000 MUST TRY
Pork Pao Rp15.000 MUST TRY
Tausa Pao Rp10.000
Coconut Pao Rp10.000
Mantou Rp5.000


Here is sis Fei Lie contact:
Line: @juraganpaot1 (with @)
WA: 0878 9439 3769
BBM: 7D03A170

We hope you enjoy our story as we do guys! Keep tuned in with us to read more about Batam cuisine! See you and have a very nice day!

-Batam Dine-


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  1. Ada halal pao? 🙂

    1. Ada Bang, contact langsung ke penjualnya yah…

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