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Holiday is OVER! Let’s wake up and face the reality! 😀 After a great holiday in Hong Kong and Macau during Hari Raya holiday, we were back with some flu on Ms. BD and Little BD. As for Mr. BD, luckily he stayed well as no diseases were dared to go through his BIG body! Bounce back! Hahaha…

Alright, now we’re back with some updates of Batam culinary! A super eye-catching new cafe at the corner of traffic light Lubuk Baja caught our attention, Karambia Cafe & Hang Out! After passing a few times, finally we have time to visit this place with our fellow yesterday, and find out what is their offer!

Karambia Cafe & Hang Out

Interior Design of Karambia

First question, what’s the meaning of Karambia? Well, they put the story of this cafe in a big canvas, hanging on the wall, written by Hendri Long, founder of Karambia Cafe & Hang Out. It was a long story until he made up this cafe. As a brief, karambia (Minangkabau language) means coconut. After taking two journeys to USA and Vietnam, he was enlightened with the idea of opening a cafe with coconut as the main concept. No wonder that they used a lot of coconut for interior and exterior design. As you can see on above picture, behind the word of “karambia”, we can find few hundreds of dried coconut shells. Don’t count it as you do counting sheep in bed, ok guys! 😉

Karambia Cafe & Hang Out (side view)

The place was huge, no doubt, as they conjured up three town houses into a grand cafe! Parking area was large and free of charge too. We arrived there at lunch time and can only sit on the first floor as the 2nd floor only open after 5PM, unfortunately. Actually, it’s more eye-catching in the evening, when they turn on the hundred lights, very beautiful!

Karambia Cafe & Hang Out (porch)

Karambia Dining Table

As for the concept of cafe and hangout, we can choose either sit on the sofa or standard dining chair. If you come here for a chit chat or hangout with friends, you may take the sofa. But, don’t take sofa near sound system or speakers as the music may disturb your conversation. Do note that the sofa table was not ergonomic enough for dining. So, if you are at busy time and only come here for dining, we would suggest you to take standard dining table to enjoy your meal.

Let’s talk about the menu now! With a very small voice, our waiter was not help a lot. He mentioned that the chicken menu was not ready yet eventhough we arrived there at 11.50AM. Confusing, but we cannot do anything. So, we ordered their Nasi Goreng Spesial Karambia, Paket Siang G, and Sop Buah Karambia. Let’s check it out!

First to come, our Sop Buah Karambia.

Sop Buah Karambia

Come with a half of coconut shell, Sop Buah Karambia was served with dragon fruit, melon, avocado, and some jelly inside. As you cannot go wrong with fresh fruit, it was a real fresh and delicious beverage! The portion was just nice for one person, cannot share it with others. Hehe…

Nasi Goreng Spesial Karambia

Nasi Goreng Spesial Karambia

They really love their coconut apparently! They also used half coconut shell for plating this menu, which is unique! The fried rice was satisfying. Rice was nicely fried, sweet and savory, with a cute little egg to come along. Talking about the portion, it was very small for Ms. BD and just a snack for Mr. BD. Hehehe… Mr. BD would go at least 3 portions of this menu to satisfy his belly. Ooppsss!

Paket Siang G

Paket Siang G

With IDR 39K, Paket Siang G consists of Nasi Dendeng + Sayur Asam + Sweet Ice Tea. Dendeng is kind of thinly sliced dried beef, originally founded by Minangkabau people, Padang, West Sumatra. The beef dendeng was tender topped with hot and sour chilli, a unique taste for real. As for the complimentary soup, sayur asam, it was decent.

Price and Recommended Menu

Nasi Goreng Spesial Karambia IDR33,000 Recommended
Paket Siang G IDR39,000 Recommended
Sop Buah Karambia IDR29,000 Recommended

Price is excluded 10% tax.

If you happen to hangout with your friends, you may come and visit this place. There were a lot of great selfie spots for capturing your best moments!

Karambia Cafe & Hang Out

Komplek Nagoya Gateway Blok E No. 9 Lubuk Baja, Batam

Tel: +62-778-801-2280

Mon – Sun: 11.00 – 24.00

Payment: Cash/Card

Category: Halal Restaurant

Google Map:


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