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  • Tiola Cake & Cafe

    Tiola Cake & Cafe

    Hello Guys… Last Saturday is our special day and we were celebrating it whole day from day to night in a few different ways. One of the stories is our unforgettable tea time at TIOLA CAKE & CAFE, Nagoya Hill. After a few times we passed this cafe without visiting, finally we visited Tiola Cake…

  • Karambia Cafe & Hang Out

    Karambia Cafe & Hang Out

    Hey Guys… Holiday is OVER! Let’s wake up and face the reality! 😀 After a great holiday in Hong Kong and Macau during Hari Raya holiday, we were back with some flu on Ms. BD and Little BD. As for Mr. BD, luckily he stayed well as no diseases were dared to go through his…

  • Ohana Cafe by Coffee Story Co.

    Ohana Cafe by Coffee Story Co.

    Hey Batam Foodies… Trying a newly opened cafe in Batam, why not? Let’s find out what Ohana Cafe by Coffee Story Co. offered to us. Familiar with the restaurant name? Ok, let us tell you the story! You should know Coffee Story Co., right? Yeah, this restaurant was initially opened at Nagoya Hill, but they…