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Trying a newly opened cafe in Batam, why not? Let’s find out what Ohana Cafe by Coffee Story Co. offered to us. Familiar with the restaurant name? Ok, let us tell you the story! You should know Coffee Story Co., right? Yeah, this restaurant was initially opened at Nagoya Hill, but they moved to Kaliban Hotel Batam Center last year. After that, Mr. Sani, the owner of Coffee Story Co. opened another new cafe, named Ohana Cafe by Coffee Story Co.. Means, this cafe was under the same group/owner. It’s located just besides the Kaliban Hotel. Ohana Cafe served main course till beverage while Coffee Story Co. focused on coffee and snacks. Considering our good experience at Coffee Story Co. previously, we had a high expectation on this new cafe. So, let’s check it out!

Ohana Cafe Front View

Ohana Cafe Inside

Ohana cafe was operated in a town house. Since it was a hook town house, the dining place was quite big. There were more than 10 tables to accommodate their customers. Our favorite place was near the door as the air circulation was good.

Talking about the food and beverage, our dinner menu was Wrapped Surprise Burger, Sweet & Sour Chicken Slices, Nasi Lemak Bang Djanggoet (Ayam Sayap), and Apple Tea Pot. Here it is!

Wrapped Surprise Burger

Wrapped Surprise Burger – IDR30,800

Wrapped Surprise Burger was a single thick beef patty wrapped with egg, topped with sauce and lettuce. Looking at the presentation, we didn’t expect much as we only saw the burger and egg from outside. But surprisingly, it was soooo tasty! It was really really a WRAPPED SURPRISE BURGER. The beef patty was very well flavored and juicy. It’s wrapped but surpriseee… What a perfect name and result! Now, it becomes one of our favorite burger in town. 😀

Sweet & Sour Chicken Slices

Sweet & Sour Chicken Slices – IDR31,900

Sweet & Sour Chicken Slices was consisting of sweet & sour chicken, stir fry vegetable, steamed rice, and soup. It was quite different with common Chinese food sweet & sour chicken rice. The sweet & sour chicken was not only sweet and sour, but also spicy. It was served with soup which won’t be found in Chinese food style. According to the owner, this innovation was served to satisfy the local taste!

Nasi Lemak Bang Djanggoet (Ayam Sayap)

Nasi Lemak Bang Djanggoet (Ayam Sayap) – IDR22,000

Nasi Lemak is Malaysian coconut milk rice, served with ikan bilis, fried egg, cucumber, and sambal. In this cafe, they innovated the nasi lemak to come along with ayam sayap/ikan crispy/sotong crispy. It’s considered as breakfast menu. But, you can also order it during lunch or dinner time. As for BD, we tried this menu at dinner time and chose ayam sayap for the meat option. The nasi lemak was still fresh and fragrance. Even though the ikan bilis was not really crispy; the chicken wing, fried egg, and sambal were just nice to accompany the nasi lemak.

Apple Tea (Pot)

Apple Tea – IDR15,400

There were two options for teapot, either hot or iced. As for BD, we chose apple tea iced. It came with a unique way, a cute teapot and two small glasses with ice inside. We were in love with the apple flavor and taste. It was fresh and delicious. It can be served up to 4 persons too. 🙂

Price and Recommended Menu

Wrapped Surprise Burger IDR30,800 MUST TRY!
Sweet & Sour Chicken Slices IDR31,900
Nasi Lemak Bang Djanggoet IDR22,000
Apple Tea IDR15,400 Recommended

Above price is included 10% tax.

Ohana Cafe by Coffee Story Co.

Komplek Ruko Purimas Blok C 22-23 Batam Center (Next to Kaliban Hotel)

Tel: +62-778-480-3615

Mon – Fri: 09.00 – 22.00

Sat – Sun: 09.00 – late night

Google Map:


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Till next time, we’ll see you soon guys!

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