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Coffee Story Co.

Hello Batam Diners,

How was your day? Was it fun? Boring? Surprising? We truly hoped that your day was beautiful and lovely! Why? Because you deserved to be happy and spirited! ūüôā

Last Saturday, we went to Nagoya Hill¬†and watched a movie called The Edge of Tomorrow. A little hint about this movie, can you imagine a guy that killed more than 300 times with different ways? Absolutely, you can’t! So, don’t miss this great movie and be sure to tell us that Tom Cruise is always handsome from time to time. Hihihi..

Alright, before watching that movie, we had decided to take our dinner just nearby. We already had one spot in mind, and that spot was Coffee Story Co.. We have noticed this new spot for quite a while, and finally, we stepped into their restaurant. We saw that they put a Halal sticker in front of their door. To make sure about it, we then tried to find out the Halal Certificate, and ta daa..

Coffee Story Co. Halal Certificate

For¬†our Muslim friends, we know that this certificate is important for you guys. So, don’t worry about this restaurant. You can be sure that their food and drinks are in accordance to Islamic rules and regulations, as they said. ūüėČ

The bistro itself was quite crowded at the time we arrived. We chose our seat on the second floor and asked the waiter for his recommendation, as usual! After a brief discussion, finally, we chose Steak Poulet and Packet Deal A which consists of Chicken Cordon Bleu, Icy Cold Shiok, and a scoop of ice cream.

It took quite some time before our food was being served. But, we were quite understand as they had a lot of customer that day. To kill some time, Mr. BD took some pictures of their bistro.

Front View of Coffee Story Co.

Front View of Coffee Story Co.

After we finished our quick snapshot, our meal was ready. The first one will be the Packet Deal A. Let’s see!

Packet A

Packet Deal A

First one, Chicken Cordon Bleu. You will get a hefty portion of chicken meat, a slice of chicken ham, and some melted cheese inside. In our case, the cheese was not very much, so it wasn’t¬†captured on the picture above. It was perfectly fried, and the taste was wonderful. You can use the sauce to enhance your dining experience. However, the fries was not as perfect as the chicken. Some of them were overcooked which made it too crispy. We have¬†a good note on their salad mayonnaise. Besides carrot and cabbage, they also put some raisins¬†inside. The raisin’s¬†sweet made a balance taste with the sour mayonnaise, perfect match!

For the beverage, you will get an¬†Icy Cold Shiok.¬†The beverage was quite bland as they didn’t put a lot of¬†sugar or syrup inside. You may try to ask for more sugar or syrup if you want, but we didn’t do it¬†at this time. You can also try their Iced Lemon Tea for another beverage option of this menu packet.

As for the ice cream, it was a normal Chocolate Ice Cream, not very special, but a good thing to eat for your dessert.

With only IDR63,000, it was really worth it to have a try. You will get your main course, a drink, and a dessert. What else do you ask for? ūüėČ

Our other menu was Steak Poulet. Let’s see it now!

Steak Poulet

Steak Poulet

This menu was ordered by Mr. BD. It was a standard chicken steak with baked potatoes, a lot of vegetables (they put it under the steak), and a small portion of their homemade mayonnaise. As you can see on above picture, the presentation was very simple. The chicken steak was cooked well, but not seasoned very well. The baked potatoes was decent and absolutely the portion was not enough for Mr. BD. However, the vegetables and mayonnaise were tasted good. It was not really special about this menu, but you can try it out if you want.

After finished¬†our dinner, our dessert came.¬†Oreo Cheesecake, a¬†unique cake presentation from Coffee Story Co., Cake in the Jar! ūüôā

Oreo Cheesecake

Oreo Cheesecake

You know what is the good point? You can pretty sure that cake in jar is more hygienic than other presentation. Once they produced the cake, they stored it in the display area. You should try this cake, period! The cake was very soft. They cleverly put the crushed oreo both on the top and the bottom of the jar. That way, you can always have some¬†oreo while enjoying the cheese cake. It was really really delicious! They also have another flavor like Nutella, Blueberry, etc. For our next visit, sure we will try their Nutella. ūüėÄ

Their price list and our recommendation:

Packet Deal A IDR63,000 Recommended
Steak Poulet IDR68,000
Oreo Cheesecake IDR40,000 Must Try!
Plain Water Free of charge

Coffee Story Co.
Komplek Nagoya Hill, Superblock Blok J No. 12, Batam 29432
Mon: 12.00 – 22.00
Tue – Thu: 10.00 – 22.00
Fri – Sun & public holiday: 10.00 – 23.00

Google Map:

Ok guys, hope you enjoy our story and find it useful for your dining reference..

If you have any experience with Coffee Story Co., feel free to share with us by writing your story in the comment box below!

And last but not least, to¬†all of our Muslim friends, both Mr. BD and Ms. BD would like to say “Happy fasting month¬†guys… We wish all of you a very happy Ramadan Mubarak”. ūüėÄ

Till next time, have fun and stay healthy guys!

-Batam Dine-

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