Kedai Minuman B3 (B3 Beverage Stall)

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Hi food lover!

Even though Kedai Minuman B3 (B3 Beverage Stall) had moved to other location, the restaurant still full of their loyal customers. This restaurant is offering us from main course till dessert.

B3 Beverage Stall


From the name of this restaurant, our mindset will be on the beverage they offered, thus BD don’t want to miss their recommended beverage, Es Campur.

Es Campur


This is kind of ice with mix on the topping such as red beans, grass jelly, jelly, tape (kind of fermented cassava), and corn. The taste is not too sweet and absolutely fresh. Since majority Batam’s weather is hot, this stall is chosen by a lot of people to get a fresh beverage on daylight time.

Another favorite menu is Miso Ayam.

Miso Ayam


It is kind of soup with yellow noodles, soun, slice of chicken, tofu, celery, and other seasonings. The portion is quite large, the soup is not so salty, and combination of the entire composition make the taste is so yummy!

BD also try their Nasi + Ayam Kalasan (Steam Rice + Kalasan Chicken).

Nasi + Ayam Kalasan


Anyone know what is the meaning of “Kalasan”? Okay, here we want to share a little story about this word. Kalasan is a sub-district of Yogyakarta (one of Indonesia province). This little town is famous due to their delicious fried chicken. The taste of Ayam Kalasan is very unique due to it is cooked with coconut milk before frying. As for Ayam Kalasan’s B3, the chicken is sweetish (typical of Yogyakarta food), but with spicy sambal sauce, the taste is balance and delicious for us. Tempe Goreng Teri as the complement of this menu makes the package become complete and perfect!

Overall, all foods offered by this restaurant are delectable and the most important thing is the price is just nice with our pocket, here is the price list:

Es Campur IDR9,000
Miso Ayam IDR11,000
Nasi + Ayam Kalasan IDR13,000

So, our recommended menu from this restaurant is all we have tried and review at this time, Es Campur, Miso Ayam, and Nasi + Ayam Kalasan.

If you guys have a chance to visit this place, don’t forget to try one or all of menu we have tried, it would be good to know you have a good dine experience as ours.

Check this Google Map to get exactly in front of the restaurant!

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Ok, take care guys,, we’ll see you on next adventure!

Pssssst…. Miss BD in action guys!

Miss BD in Action!

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