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Just recently, we can see a new restaurant opened at Mega Mall Batam Centre and Kepri Mall. The name of the restaurant is Byza Cafe, with their slogan “Grands Prestige.” Looks like we have a high class restaurant here! Have any of you try this restaurant yet?

Batam Dine decided to try this restaurant tonight, as a dinner. For the location, we chose Mega Mall Batam Centre as the restaurant here is slightly bigger than at Kepri Mall.

Let’s take a look on the overall restaurant:

Front View of Byza Cafe
Front View of Byza Cafe


And the seats and tables:

Seats and Tables
Seats and Tables


When we asked the recommendation from the waiter who came to serve us, he recommend us Salmon dishes and Bulgogi. Since Miss BD doesn’t like Salmon, we decided to take Chicken Bulgogi and Chicken Steak as our menu for dinner. When we were going to take the order, the waiter told us that they have packages for our orders. The normal price for Chicken Bulgogi with Rice is IDR40,000, but with their package, the price is reduced into IDR35,000, with lemon tea. The disadvantage is a smaller portion for our menu. The same thing happened with Chicken Steak, the normal price were IDR50,000, but with their package, the price is reduced into IDR30,000. In conclusion, we ordered package menu of Chicken Bulgogi with Rice and Lemon Tea and Chicken Steak with Lemon Tea. We also ordered one more portion of steamed rice.

Since the restaurant was quite silent, maybe because we came way past the dinner time, around 8:30 PM, our orders came fast. Let’s take a look first for the Chicken Bulgogi:

Chicken Bulgogi
Chicken Bulgogi


The Bulgogi came with a bowl of Kimchi, Korean traditional vegetables soup. Here is the picture for the full menu:

Full Menu Set of Chicken Bulgogi
Full Menu Set of Chicken Bulgogi


When the food came, its fragrance was mouth-watering. Batam Dine took a big bite onto the chicken bulgogi. The flavor was not bad, and in our own opinion, the chicken needs more seasoning, more salt perhaps? However, the vegetables that came together with the chicken was delicious, it tasted superb, and ultimately improved the flavor of overall menu.

The kimchi soup was served hot, which is quite strange because traditional Korean kimchi usually served cold. Even though the soup looks very spicy, but the flavor isn’t. The kimchi itself tasted okay, not as sour as the traditional Korean. When Batam Dine tried to mix the Bulgogi and the Kimchi, the flavor was not matched. Kimchi’s flavor was dominant. Unfortunately, the bulgogi didn’t meet our expectation. Let’s hope the Chicken Steak will do wonder!

When the Chicken Steak came, we took some pictures of it, here it is:

Chicken Steak - Batam Dine
Chicken Steak


Since the portion was quite small, we also ordered a bowl of steamed rice to accompany our dinner. Very Indonesian huh? 🙂 The chicken was quite tender and easy to cut with knife, even though on some part of the chicken was rubbery. When we took the first bite, the flavor was okay. As Batam Diners can see on the picture, the steak was accompanied with brown sauce, french fries, and fruit salad. The brown sauce was delicious, but the chicken was alright. The fries was okay, and the fruit salad was not bad either.

Well, we have below average experience taking dinner at Byza Cafe. The price for our dinner is as follow:

Chicken Bulgogi with Steamed Rice and Lemon Tea IDR35,000
Chicken Steak with Lemon Tea IDR30,000
Steamed Rice IDR5,000

We cannot recommend any menu we tried today. Perhaps other menu will do well next time. If you are looking where to eat lunch or dinner in Batam, you may try this cafe, but try the other menu.

You can get to this restaurant by visiting Mega Mall Batam Centre, here is the Google Map to reach it:

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How about you? Do you have any experience taking dinner or lunch at Byza Cafe? What is your favorite menu or desserts? Have your opinion in the comments below!


Batam Dine


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