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Let us tell you that we have a habit to get kind of noodle on every Sunday morning. Do you have same habit as ours? It’s not about getting bored on our steamed rice. Maybe since we don’t do a lot of activities in the Sunday morning, so a portion of noodle is enough to cover up energy needed till lunch time.

As our promise to Batam Diners, we will share our favorite restaurants in Batam to you one by one. On this opportunity, we will share one of our favorite wonton noodle restaurants that hiding on a quiet street in Batam, Mie Pangsit Pak Lucky (Mr. Lucky’s Wonton Noodle). This food stall is located inside a coffee shop building as you can see on below picture.

Front View of Kedai Kopi Aan (Aan’s Coffee Shop)


Food Stalls inside Kedai Kopi Aan


The place was not so clean and a bit messy. From the food stall, we can see that this wonton noodle come from Singkawang (a city located in the province of West Kalimantan). Actually almost every city in Indonesia has their own unique wonton noodle presentation. You can also find variety of wonton noodle from other cities here. But, for now, we will share our experience tasting Singkawang wonton noodle.


Complete Set of Mie Pangsit Pak Lucky (Mr. Lucky’s Wonton Noodle)

We were unlucky today since the wonton had sold out when we came at 10am. So, we just got two bowls of noodle without the wonton itself. The noodle had a nice chew without being undercooked. It was filled with some types of pork meat as topping. What we like the most was crunchy pork skin, it was really tasty.

You can also ask them extra chili sauce and pour it on the noodle for extra flavor. But, BD like oriental taste preferably. The soup was so well balanced even without the wonton. The portion was just right if you eat there, but we felt it was quite bigger if you take away.

The price is reasonable comparing with the taste and topping. It cost us at IDR15,000 per portion (without wonton). As for drink, we just ordered plain water and it was free of charge.


To get right in front of this place, you can follow direction on Google Map as below

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If you have tried this wonton noodle, don’t forget to have you opinion on comment below.

Ok guys, keep spirit for tomorrow and take care!

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