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Today is Sunday, time to go around and take some delicious food for our belly, will us!? 🙂

Batam Dine took a leisure to go around Batu Ampar region at Batam island, and managed to get a recommended place to eat, called Sate Asih. Sate, as some of you may know, is a very common food you can find all around cities in Indonesia. You can find a lot of type of sate in Indonesia, some of them are Madura-style sate, Padang-style sate, Javanese-style sate, etc. We also already review one of the type of sate in Indonesia, sate Madura. For Sate Asih, they offer Javanese-style sate.

On their place, they offered you two type of meat, along with two type of sauce. They offer chicken sate and mutton sate, and you can choose between peanut paste sauce or sweet soy sauce. Normally you will combine chicken sate with peanut paste sauce and mutton sate with sweet soy sauce, but you may experiment by yourself if you want! Since Sate Asih is very famous for their mutton sate, Batam Dine without any hesitation chose mutton sate combined with sweet soy sauce along with sweet ice tea and a portion of steamed rice.

Mutton Sate with Soy Sauce


Mutton Gulai Soup


The sate came quite fast, along with the sweet ice tea and steamed rice. Since Mr. BD loves the rice to be quite wet with soup, Mr. BD asked for a bowl of mutton gulai soup. Only soup, without any meat. It’s free, and you should try that, since the soup is very tasty! Mr. BD put a lot of soup into the rice, and took a spoon of rice combined with a bite of mutton sate, munch munch munch…. TASTY!

The mutton was tender, easy to bite, and grilled perfectly. The soup, as BD already stated briefly above, also very tasty. The soup is a little bit spicy, but if you combine it with rice, the spiciness will be reduced. We recommend this sate complemented with mutton gulai soup. If you are looking for a place to eat for lunch or dinner, you may try this place! Unfortunately, the price is quite high for a portion of mutton sate @IDR27,000. They also put their prices on their wall, as we can see below:

Price List


If you interested to try this sate, you can follow this map to find them:

View Larger Map

See you soon with more adventure to read guys! Have fun, eat well, stay healthy, and stay happy!

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  1. wah ini sate asih deket banget dengan rumah 😀
    emang sih harganya sedikit “waw”
    tapi lumayan kok.

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