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Nowadays, people think that food court is a place to find variety food and grab a quick bite to eat. You can find food court easily in or near a shopping mall. Today we want to talk about Baba Street Food Court. It’s located on Nagoya City Walk. Do you know that parking on Nagoya City Walk is free of charge? Yeah, we think that it’s a method to get people come to this mall.

Front View of Baba Street Food Court

There were some food stalls inside this food court. When we walked around looking for something to eat, we were not so impressed. There were not many food varieties to be chosen. In the end, we ordered Pindang Ikan (Fish Soup) from Jalapeno food stall and Ayam Penyet (Smashed Fried Chicken) from Dapur Nyonya food stall.


Pindang Ikan (Fish Soup) is a traditional food from South Sumatra. This soup supposed to be made from ikan patin (pangasius catfish). But, some people innovate it with other fishes, such as ikan emas (goldfish), ikan kembung (scomber fish), etc.

Pindang Ikan – Jalapeno

For Jalapeno food stall, they use ikan patin as the main ingredient. In BD’s opinion, that will be the best fish for this menu. When the soup arrived on our table, the smell was appetizing. The soup was spicy, hot, and sour. Fish texture was good, fresh, and cooked very well. Compared with the size of the fish, the soup was too much. Nevertheless, the taste was delicious, and definitely open your eyes widely after sip its soup! One portion of pindang ikan with steam rice is IDR25,000.


BD is a chicken food lover. So, don’t be bored about chicken menus in our reviews, okay! In Batam, you can easily find out Ayam Penyet (smashed fried chicken). As we told you before, we’re still wondering why Batam people call ordinary fried chicken with smashed fried chicken. For us, it’s a different things. People named it as smashed fried chicken since they smashed the chicken with ulekan before flavored it. But here, people just fry the chicken without smash it but call it as smashed fried chicken. Lol. It might be as unique as Teh Obeng story.

Ayam Penyet – Dapur Nyonya

As for Ayam Penyet Dapur Nyonya, it came in different style too. One package of ayam penyet was consisted of smashed fried chicken, fried bean curd, fried tempeh, fresh vegetables, chili, soto soup, and steamed rice. The chicken was tender and delicious. You can mix some soup with your rice, it will give you a fresh sensation, and helps you to chew your food better. 🙂 This package cost us at IDR19,000.


You can follow below Google Map to reach in front of this food court.

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If you come to this food court, you can try these 2 food stalls or the others. Let us know your experience in the comment below guys.

Ps: We’re going to announce the winners of November Event on December 17, 2013. So, you still have time to join our event. Who knows you are the lucky one! 😉

Ok guys, that will be all for today.

Till next time, see ya!
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