La Mia Casa Ristorante Italiano e Bar (Revisited)

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Happy Saturday.. You know guys we were very busy and didn’t post new review for almost a week. So sorry about that. But, we still want to share our last weekend story to you all. So, last Saturday night, we went to our favorite Italian restaurant in Batam, La Mia Casa Ristorante Italiano e Bar. It’s a great place to bring a date. 😉 When we entered the restaurant, it was so crowded. A lot of people were taking their dinner too. Some were coming with family, some with colleague, and sure, some were getting a romantic date here. Since almost all of them were foreigner, we felt like we were not in Indonesia. Hehe..

Ambiance of La Mia Casa


The restaurant was cozy and dimly lit. With a lively live music, it made our dinner perfect. 😉

Live Music

The group band was so enthusiastic. We really enjoyed their performance. It was a great live music. While enjoying the live music, we can still have a casual conversation without yelling to each other.


Now, let’s go to our order.

Linguine Al Gorgonzola                                                                                                                 


The linguine was not salty enough for us. We then feedback to the waiter and he replied that some customers complaint to them the linguine was too salty. So that, they reduced the salt. We agree that salty or not salty is depend on everybody’s taste. But, since we are Indonesian, we would prefer to get it more salty. So, we just take it as a note for future order. Nevertheless, the linguine itself was so yummy. This menu suppose to come with beef, but we requested to get chicken instead. The chicken was cooked very well.


Pizza Diavola

Pizza Diavola

Pizza Diavola was recommended by the waitress. Actually, this pizza is made from tomato, mozzarella cheese, and spicy beef salami. But, the waitress said that we can request to change the beef into chicken. So, we just tried it out. The thin crust was crispy. The topping was so delicious. Mozzarella cheese, tomato, and the chicken was melted perfectly. While enjoying our dinner, the waitress was offering us if we like to get parmesan cheese, sure we do! And it made the pizza more delicious.

A good note from BD, the pizza is always outstanding. For pizza lover, you should this restaurant and we promise that you will come back to get another one! 🙂


Shirley Temple

Shirley Temple

The color was fascinate enough to catch our eyes. This cocktail is made from lemon juice, grenadine syrup, and sprite. It was so fresh. It’s a non-alcoholic drink, suitable for adults and children.


For price list and recommended menu, you can see on below table.

Linguine Al Gorgonzola IDR78,000
Pizza Diavola IDR82,000 Recommended
Shirley Temple IDR40,000 Recommended


Full address of La Mia Casa:

Komplek Gedung Indonesia Emporium Hal D

Batam Center 29400

Tel: +62 778 461 997

Wed – Mon: 11.00 AM – 10.30 PM


For easier way, find the restaurant on Google Map as below.

View Larger Map


We heard that La Mia Casa will open their branch at Ocarina. But, it will be different with the restaurant since the branch will only sell Mini Pizza and beverage. So, let’s wait for their innovation! 🙂

Mini Pizza


Anyway, our friends are coming to Batam today. And, we just realized that every time our friends come to Batam, we always think this place at first. To be frankly, it’s because of great live music, delicious food, and the service is always super friendly and accommodating. Yes, it’s quite expensive for Indonesian, but like people said “you get what you pay for”.


If you haven’t found our previous reviews about this restaurant, you can just simply click here and here.


How about you guys? Where is your favorite place to spend your Saturday night? Do let us know in the comment below, ok!


Hope you enjoy your weekend guys! 😀

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  1. Richard Avatar

    hi there

    is this restaurant still open? I just Google this place and there are reports saying it burn down. my hotel staff don’t know about this restaurant even tho it’s nearby

    1. Hi Richard,

      Yes, sadly, the restaurant already closed due to fire last year.

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