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Let us tell you that first semester of 2014 will be a crazy busy months for us since there are tons of things we need to do! Last Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, we have 3 days nonstop course from day to night for our big event! After this, there are more things awaiting to be done. Honestly, we might start crazy if we think about it one by one. But, well, stressing will never solve our problem. So, just do and finish it one by one as Mr. BD always say. By taking this opportunity, we hope that you all can understand if we are not very active and update this website lately and in the near future. Compensation from us? Pssttt,, we are preparing an interesting event for you guys. Hopefully everything is going smoothly so that we can announce the event in time! 😀

So now, let’s talk about our dining adventure on last weekend. Remember that we said we will back to X.O Suki to try their signature dish? Here we are! Last Saturday we celebrated our niece’s birthday at this restaurant. Dinner should start at 7PM. But, since both Mr. BD and Ms. BD took a course, we came late at 7.30PM. On the way to the restaurant, we sent a message to our brother to order Special Roasted Duck. And he said, “OK!”.

X.O Suki Neon Box


When we arrived there, we just realized that our family ordered package Menu Suki B at IDR988,000++ (10 pax) which consist of below items

– Ala carte: Special roasted duck
– Suki: Salmon meatball, carrot sushi, fish ball, beef enoki, asparagus chicken, seafood chicken tofu, shrimp tofu, tang’o, vegetable, Chinese cabbage
– Deep fried: shrimp wanton, seafood swekiau
– Dessert: X.O pudding
– Others: Steamed rice, sweet ice/hot tea (refill)

Ms. BD raised a lot of questions about it spontaneously. Why ordered this menu? Why only tea? Have we ordered birthday noodle? She thought that the suki was too much and it was too expensive for these items. She considered to cancel the order, but, it was too late. The suki, steamed rice, deep fried, and tea had been served on the table. It was not as per her expectation.

Our brother explained that the servant only provided package menu book. Our family was offered with 2 package menus only, Set A or Set B. And inside the menu, it consist of roasted duck. Hmm,, what to do? Well.. Nothing we can do anymore!

Now, let’s see the photos taken by Mr. BD as below!

Special Roasted Duck

Special Roasted Duck

When we think about roasted duck, the first comparison in our mind is Grand Duck Restaurant. Is it more delicious than Grand Duck’s? Well, a whole special roasted duck were surely enough for our family. It was served in 2 plates so that everybody can take it easily. We took one slice of roasted duck and dip it into the sauce. At the first bite, hmm,, the meat was tender while the sauce was well flavored, so yummy! Comparing with Grand Duck’s, both Mr. BD and Ms. BD was preferred X.O Suki’s roasted duck. In the other opinion, our mom preferred Grand Duck’s one due to it was more crispy and smells good. Well, everybody has their own taste and nothing wrong with it. 🙂
This menu was recommended by one of our gorgeous Batam Diners, Cibi, @cibilicious. So, actually, this review is dedicated for you, Cibi. 😉 Thank you so much to recommend this menu to us. We owe you, girl! Hopefully we can meet someday to explore our hobby together.



As usual, the suki was served with 2 kind of soup, tom yum and chicken. The soup was really fresh. The suki was delicious too. Same as previous review, the incredible magic fried garlic made the taste perfect! You should try to put some fried garlic on your soup. It was really magic! At the end, Mr. BD was the only person who finished the suki.

Deep Fried

Deep Fried

We got two variant of deep fried from this package, shrimp wanton and seafood swekiau. Shrimp wanton was OK while seafood swekiau was very outstanding. It was very delectable. You should try this out.

X.O Pudding

X.O Pudding

As you can see above, it was only 7 glasses of pudding, actually, we got 10 pax. They served 10 different pudding flavor, mango, coffee, chocolate, strawberry, herbal tea, longan, avocado, coconut, and seaweed. It came in big portion for each glass so that we cannot finish up the dessert. The best flavor was mango.

As a tradition, we also ordered birthday noodle for our niece. We forgot to take the photo as it came lastly. The taste was average.

Here is our bill

Package Menu B (10 Pax) IDR998,000  
Birthday Noodle IDR48,800  
Steamed Rice IDR28.800  

Price is excluded 5% service charge and 10% restaurant tax.

Personal comment

Ms. BD: It was not worth it to take this package menu. People will not eat the suki that much. I think one person will satisfy enough for one bowl of suki soup. With that amount of money, it would be more valuable if we choose the suki by ourselves and order variety of ala carte menu. And everybody can get various beverages which will be interesting to be tried.

Mr. BD: As for value of money, it was worth it. If we order a whole roasted duck, it already cost us IDR288,000. Not to mention a lot of variety suki that included in the package. Obviously, this package is dedicated for suki lovers, since you will get a lot of things to try in one shot. You also get ten different types of pudding and unlimited tea. So, if you are going to take dinner in this restaurant as a family, you MUST check the both a la carte menu and package menu. If you go as young people who loves suki, you will get more if you order the package menu. In the end, choose the menu very wisely.

As you know guys, we are here to share our own experience honestly. Every decision will come to you whether you want to try it or not. We just want to share our full of fun adventure on Batam culinary and hopefully it can help you as a reference. 🙂

Address: Nagoya City Walk, Centro GF CA103-105 Batam
Tel: +62 778 428 999
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Last but not least, a special hello from Mr. BD!

Mr. BD in Action!


If you have not read our previous review, you can simply find it here.

Have a great day and we’ll see you soon guys! 😉

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