Pizza Hut (Revisited)

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Please don’t judge us if we revisit some places lately. What you should remember is, if BD reviews the restaurant more than one time, usually, it means that the restaurant was worth it to be tried and may have variant delicious food too. So, let’s check it out!

As a pizza lover, Pizza Hut is in our list of favorite restaurant to get this food. Why we like this restaurant? Simple, the price was affordable and the taste was made to match with Indonesian taste. As a franchise restaurant, you can be sure to find it in strategic area. You can find it easily in Mega Mall and Nagoya Hill. But, for the best service, we still ranked Pizza Hut at Jl. Raden Patah as the best pizza hut in Batam.

This time, we decided to try some new menus from them, Black Pepper Chicken Pizza with Cheesy Bite, Oriental Chicken Spaghetti, and Chocolate Blast. Without further ado, let’s check it out!


Black Pepper Chicken Pizza with Cheesy Bite

Black Pepper Chicken Pizza with Cheesy Bite

The pizza was delicious and perfectly baked. The most delicious piece from the pizza is definitely the cheesy bite. Ms. BD who doesn’t really into cheese liked it too! You must not underestimate the topping and the mayonnaise too. The topping was tasty and the cheese was not too overwhelming. To be honest, you can eat the pizza without mix it with the sauce. However, if you put some mayo on your topping, it will definitely enhance the tastiness. The mayo was rich in flavor and not too watery. Perfect pizza from pizza hut.


Oriental Chicken Spaghetti

Oriental Chicken Spaghetti

We loved to order from this particular restaurant, Pizza Hut at Jalan Raden Patah. Why? Because they are generous with their olive oil. Mr. BD loves olive oil, and he will be mad if he realized his pizza or his spaghetti is not seasoned well. Not in this case, guys! The spaghetti was rich in olive oil, and rich in flavor. The chicken itself was delicious, and you can combine the spaghetti and the chicken for super tasty experience.

However, the vegetables pickles was seemingly out of place. It does not enhance the flavor, it even destroy the flavor of the other components inside this menu. Maybe for some people the pickles are tasty, but not for us. We tried to eat it for a little, didn’t like it, and we have no choice but to leave it behind. It saddened us, but it was not matched well. If they can change the menu, we highly suggest them to drop vegetables pickles from their menu, and change it into something else.


Chocolate Blast

Chocolate Blast

Ummmm.. what can we say…It may be completely bias, but Mr. BD loved this beverage so much. He loves chocolate so much! He practically can eat a whole milk chocolate from Cadbury by himself. The chocolate was so lovely, the combination between Milo, chocolate ice cream, and some Milo’s grain on top of the ice cream, it just..perfect! It’s a shame they just serve a glass, and not a bowl, ramen bowl maybe…? 😀 Well, we are definitely biased right now, hehe..

However, this beverage was highly recommended by Mr. BD. 🙂

As for the price, you can see below:

Black Pepper Chicken Pizza with Cheesy Bite IDR45,455 Recommended
Oriental Chicken Spaghetti IDR47,273 Recommended
Chocolate Blast IDR26,364 Recommended

All prices are before 10% restaurant tax, of course. 🙂

Restaurant Address:
Jl. Raden Patah No. 6-8
Lubuk Baja, Batam


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This will conclude our delicious experience at Pizza Hut guys, hope this information will be useful to you!
How about you? Have you tried this Pizza Hut restaurant? Do you have any recommendation? Secret spot to sit? Please share with us!

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Till next time, we’ll see you soon guys! 😉

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