Black Canyon Coffee – Nagoya Citywalk

Hello Batam Diners,

We apologize for our slow progress in this month, we have a lot of things to do, and unable to even visit our lovely sponsors for our anniversary event. So, to pay back our lost time, without any further delay, we were decided to visit one of our sponsor, Black Canyon Coffee, located at Nagoya Citywalk. We went there at brunch time, around 11 AM, and greeted by one of the helpful waitress on the restaurant. While Ms. BD discussing about the menu, Mr. BD took some quick pictures from the restaurant views. Here is some of them:

Outside View of BCC


Inside View of BCC

Do you see ship there guys? 🙂

After some productive discussion between Ms. BD and a very helpful waitress there, Ms. BD decided to order Stir-fried Curry Seafood with Rice, Fried Fish Katsu with Fried Rice, Chocolate Frappe, and Fresh Strawberry Frost. Let’s see them in one frame!

One Frame of Our Selected Menu


Let’s start with the food first, will us? 🙂 Below you can see Stir-Fried Seafood Curry with Rice.

Stir-Fried Seafood Curry with Rice

While BD understand that not everybody like curry, Batam Diners should try this one. This menu tasted great. The curry was not very strong, and we were sure they used fresh ingredients for this dish. The shrimps, the squid was fresh. The scrambled eggs was well-mixed with the curry. Ms. BD is normally doesn’t really like curry, but she said this menu was delicious!


Next dish is Fried Fish Katsu with Fried Rice. Our helpful waitress recommending this dish.

Fish Katsu with Fried Rice

The dish also tasted great. The fish was fresh, and they did a great job to make a delicious katsu from delicious fish. However, the fried rice is tasted a little bit sweet, maybe they put too much soy sauce? Our waitress told us that this menu is very popular with children due to its taste.


For our beverage, we chose Chocolate Frappe.

Chocolate Frappe

What else we can say? Chocolate mixed with chocolate mixed with chocolate mixed with…. did we mention chocolate? This is a must try beverage here. The chocolate just perfect, and even the whipped cream was delicious.


Next beverage is Fresh Strawberry Frost.

Fresh Strawberry Frost

We were thinking to tried their coffee, but our waitress told us that coffee may not suitable for our lunch time here, so we decided to choose something fresh and juicy. This menu seemed perfect, and so be it. As we expected, the strawberry was fresh, and it was not tasted sour, which is delicious. This beverage is recommended for all of you.


Price List and Recommended Menu

Stir-Fried Seafood Curry with Rice IDR35,000 Recommended
Fried Fish Katsu with Fried Rice IDR36,000
Chocolate Frappe IDR28,000 MUST TRY!
Fresh Strawberry Frost IDR29,000 Recommended


Black Canyon Coffee
Mall Nagoya Citywalk Ground Floor 7
Jl. Northwalk A No. 1, Batam

Use this Google Map so you will not get lost!

Until next time guys! Have fun and stay healthy!

Batam Dine


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