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Hello Batam Diners,

After a very long holiday we had, finally, we came back to Indonesia and this lovely island on last Saturday. As some of you may already know, we went to Europe for 2 weeks. We visited Amsterdam, Paris, and Barcelona. Our main destination is Paris, absolutely! We can say that we had explored 70% of tourist places in Paris and it’s really really AMAZING! A wonderful city with a lot of greatest historical, beautiful, and legendary places. A place that you guys should go out at least once in your life time. 😉

Talking about culinary in Europe, it’s just like in the movie, their food are very simple and healthy. For breakfast, their favorite menu is some slice of bread with a cup of coffee. For lunch and dinner, they always have appetizer, main course, drink, and dessert. Price? It’s quite expensive compared with Indonesia. Usually we spent 7€~15€/meal/person. In rupiah, it’s about RP110,000~RP240,000/meal/person. We ate a lot of western food and some Asian food. Some was delicious, but some was just passable. But, for sure, they used a really fresh vegetable and meat for each food with a little/without any MSG. Very healthy! 🙂

Alright, now let’s get back to our main sharing. Recently, we just visited a Korean restaurant in Batam, Dae Jang Gem. It’s located in a residence area at Batam Centre, but not really difficult to find this place.

Front View of Dae Jang Gem
Front View of Dae Jang Gem


Once we chose our table, we were welcomed with one set of Welcome Snacks as below.

Welcome Snack!
Welcome Snack!

A little shock when we saw the food and asked the waiter directly “what is this?”. It’s a Welcome Snacks. We still confused, and asked again, “is it free?”, and he answered “yes, of course!” We were confused, if the welcome snack is this much, how about the main dishes?? After taking some pictures, we tried their snacks, like egg pancake (you can see, the most left plate in the picture above), was delicious. You can eat it as it is, or put it on their soy sauce for different taste. Both was delicious. We also got something like fish cakes, on the right side of the egg pancakes. That was the most delicious snack they offered! The anchovies (maybe not anchovies, but different fish) taste was sweet, the peanut was also sweet. You will also got the pickles and some unknown vegetables. And of course, the kimchi, the most famous dish from Korea. It was fresh. From our first bite we know that they use the best vegetable they can find in the market. Our instinct was correct! When we talked with the chef, Mr. Robert, he told us that the vegetable was chosen very carefully, and the spices they used for making the kimchi was imported directly from South Korea. That was amazing. The taste was sour, but refreshing. Don’t worry about spicy, they don’t put any pepper nor chilies in there! 🙂

For the main dish, we ordered Kimchi Chige and Kimchi Bokkeumbap. For the beverages, we ordered Korean Tea and Lemon Tea. Let’s see them now!

Kimchi Chige

Kimchi Chige
Kimchi Chige

You will find some pork, vegetables, mushrooms, kimchi, and tofu here. The taste was sour and spicy. It best served hot, as the soup will tasted the best. They made it delicious and refreshing. The portion is enough for two people, so for you guys that don’t eat too much, you can just ordered this dish and two bowl of rice, and you will feel full already. 🙂 Be careful, the pot was hot too!

Kimchi Bokkeumbap

Kimchi Bokkeumbap
Kimchi Bokkeumbap

It was a fried rice, complete with kimchi inside, a fried egg, seaweed, and pork there. It was also delicious, and the portion was quite big too. They made the fried rice very well! Ms. BD cannot finished it alone, and had to asked Mr. BD to finish it. 🙂 The kimchi was not too represented here, as you can see, the seaweed was dominating. For Indonesian people, this kind of dish is perfect for you if you are not very adventurous. 🙂 The portion is too big for one person, but not enough for two people.

Korean Tea and Lemon Tea

Lemon and Korean Tea
Lemon and Korean Tea

The lemon tea was refreshing, although not very special. The Korean tea is the special one. You will not only find tea here, but also a strong sense of ginger, and we meant very strong. It best served cold, as you will find it quite refreshing for the first sip. The flavor is very unique, and we challenge you adventurous people from Batam to try this tea! 🙂

After we finished our meal, our waiter came and served us a plate of cold Watermelon. Of course we asked, “Is it free too?”, and he said, “Yes, it also free!” Well, you get your appetizer and dessert for free, what else do you ask? 😀

Price and Recommended Menu

Kimchi Bokkeumbap IDR50,000 Recommended
Kimchi Chige IDR50,000 Recommended
Lemon Tea IDR10,000
Korean Tea IDR8,000

Dae Jang Gem Restaurant
Komplek Rosedale, Blok E, No.104
0812 7723 4519 (Mrs. Shin – Korean Language)
0813 6423 9491 (Mr. Robert – Indonesian / English Language)
Opening Hour: 10AM – 10PM
Monday closed biweekly.
Google Map:

That will be all for now guys! Have you ever tried this restaurant? Have your personal favorite dishes? Share to us here!

Till next time, see ya..
-Batam Dine-

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