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First of all, we would like to say a Happy New Year to all of you, our fellow readers, Batam Diners! Let’s start this year with an optimism and hard work to be a better person and to have a better life. There will be more giveaway events from us in this year, so, be prepared for abundant gift vouchers from us! 😉

Alright, Japanese food lover should be happy right now as Sushi Tei finally opened their branch in Batam. It’s located in front of Plaza Top 100 Penuin. Besides located in a strategic area, they have a very eye-catching exterior building design! When you pass the street, definitely your eyes will be hooked on to this restaurant.

Sushi Tei Batam

Entrance Door

We arrived there at lunch time and there were a lot of customers have been waiting on the lounge before us.

Waiting Lounge

Since we reserved for 2 persons only, the waiter put us on waiting list no. 2. After waiting some time, finally we got our seat at sushi bar.

Sushi Bar

Restaurant Inside

The decor of the restaurant was really impressive and modern. With Japanese restaurant style, you know what you are looking for in this restaurant. They also have a lot of waiters and waitress to accommodate customer’s order. Unfortunately, our waiter was not really helpful when we asked for the recommended menu. In the end, we just ordered as per menu book recommendation such as Salmon Oyako Roll, Yakitori Ju, Salmon Cha Soba, and Hot Ocha.

Anyway, seating at sushi bar has another advantage as we can choose and pick any sushi roll from the conveyor belt directly. While waiting our order, we chose one kind of Makimono to make our belly calm down. Hihi.. And here what we picked up, California Maki!

Sushi Conveyor Belt

California Maki

Every sushi roll served on the conveyor belt has a different price. It depended on the plate color. The price range was between Rp14,000 till Rp40,000. As for California Maki, the price was Rp38,000 for 6 pcs/plate. This sushi was consist of avocado and crab meat with smelt roe. The taste was decent. But, considering the price level, we can say that it was good enough.

Salmon Oyako Roll

Salmon Oyako Roll

This is one of Sushi Tei’s house specialty. It was a combination of baked salmon roll topped with salmon slice and salmon roe. Salmon everywhere and it was yummy! 😉

Yakitori Ju

Yakitori Ju

Yakitori Ju is a fresh steamed rice topped with pan fried chicken. Simple yet delicious! The chicken was very well flavored. As you can see on above picture, the chicken was excessive compared with the steamed rice, and we like it so much! 😀

Salmon Cha Soba

Salmon Cha Soba

Cha soba is one kind of Japanese noodle which is served cold. Such a unique dish to be tried! We understood the meaning when we saw there were some ice cube under the noodle to keep it cold. Ok, now, how to enjoy this noodle? If we just eat the green tea soba, the taste was plain. So, there were some tricks to enjoy this unique dish. Firstly, pour some soup on to green onion and mix it up. After that, pour it into the noodle. Just do it bit by bit so that we can balance the taste from the beginning till finish. As for the topping, we have pan fried salmon to enhance the taste. The texture was soft, but the taste was decent. If you are looking for new sensation of food, you can try this menu for the option.



The ocha was standard and it can be refill as much as you want, free of charge!

After finished our main dish, Ms. BD asked Mr. BD whether he want some dessert or not. Actually, Ms. BD shouldn’t asked that question as she should already knew the answer that there will be always a room for dessert! Haha.. Finally, we ordered Chocolate Wafer to conclude our lunch.

Chocolate Wafer

They sliced this chocolate wafer into 6 pcs so that we can ate the wafer easily. It was a vanilla ice cream filled with chocolate bar in the middle and covered with a wafer. The taste was decent.

Price and Recommended Menu

California Maki Rp38,000 Recommended
Salmon Oyako Roll Rp85,000 Recommended
Yakitori Ju Rp50,000 Recommended
Salmon Cha Soba Rp68,000
Chocolate Wafer Rp34,000
Hot Ocha (Refill) Free of charge

Price is excluded service charge 7.5% and restaurant tax 10%.

Sushi Tei
Jl. Pembangunan Kav. No. 1, Lubuk Baja Kota, Penuin
Tel: +62-778-743 6833
Daily operation hours: 10.00 AM – 10.00 PM
Google Map:

Anyway, if you happen to come to this restaurant during one week before/after your birthday date, you can get free Birthday Sushi by showing your identity card. Not bad huh?! 😉

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