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Batam is a small yet calming island who has been a great place for us to live composedly. With a good plan on city development, Batam’s government has been building up the town very nice. What we like the most is they keep improve the road quality. The location of business center, government center, industrial area, and residence places are divided very well too.

Another unique thing of Batam, there is a lot of town house on roadside. Anywhere you go, you will see a lot of town house all the way long. No wonder Batam is also well known as “A Million Town House City”. Batam people usually open their business in the town house area. There are pros and cons for this situation. Town house complex usually has a large parking area. But, for restaurant business, you cannot have a lot of options to decorate the restaurant, unless your financial is strong enough to have/rent two or more town houses and renovate it.

Recently we received a recommendation from our friend to try a new cafe, Chillax & Relax. With a lot of expectation, we went there last week. The place was easy to find. It’s located in Baloi, near Taman Kota Mas residence. Just like the majorities do, they opened the cafe in town house area. That means we could not expect too much neither the exterior nor interior design. Well,,, we miss Bandung so much now!! >.<

Chillax & Relax


Even though the space was just limited, they tried to decorate the inside as good as possible. They also provided Wi-Fi facility.

Chillax & Relax Inside


Since this was our first time came to this place, we asked our adorable waiter for the recommended food and beverage. Their specialties were snack, pasta, and fusion food. So, we came up with this order, Chef’s Favorite, Spaghetti Chillax, Chicken Salted Egg, Ocean Freeze, and Love Motion. Let’s see it guys!

Snack – Chef’s Favorite

Chef’s Favorite

Chef’s Favorite was a deep fried onion ring with batter frying. It was so good and crispy. The batter was solid and stuck to the rings and didn’t peel off like some onion rings will do. We finished it less than 5 minutes. Haha..


Pasta – Spaghetti Chillax

Spaghetti Chillax

Spaghetti Chillax was one of their signature dishes. The spaghetti was cooked with dice chicken breast, onion, paprika, and their special Chillax sauce. To get the best flavor, we should stir all the ingredients well. It was hot, spicy, and tasty!


Main Course – Chicken Salted Egg

Chicken Salted Egg

With a very attractive explanation, our waiter made us order this menu. It was a fried chicken, sauté with salted egg, and served with steamed rice. Yes, the chicken was sauté with salted egg, but that’s it. It’s a decent dish for us even though they said it was one of the favorite menus here. Well, no one is wrong as everybody has their own favorite taste. 😉


Ocean Freeze

Ocean Freeze

There were a lot of ingredients to make this drink. Ocean Freeze was a mixture of pineapple, orange, passion fruit, mango, banana, apricot, soda water, blue soda, and nata de coco. A lot, huh?! After shake all the compositions, there were no strong flavor on some ingredients. It’s kind of sweet and sour beverage.


Love Motion

Love Motion

Are you falling in love right now? If yes, you should fall in love with this lovely drink too! Love Motion was a mixture of strawberry juice, evaporated milk, soda water, and fresh strawberry. Sweet and sour, it’s just like a true love. They even sliced the fresh strawberry so lovely. Love it!


After finished our main course, Mr. BD said that he was full. Ms. BD expression was like “Really?? How about the dessert?” Mr. BD then replied “Aha, I love the sweet food, let’s order one!” Considering our weight, we still order a Chocolate Pancake to conclude our evening meal. Haha…

Chocolate Pancake

At the first sight, the presentation was really mouth-watering. It’s an original pancake with chocolate ice cream, chocolate sauce and mini marshmallow topping. Mr. BD took the picture as soon as possible so that we could satisfy our belly quickly. The three layers pancake filled with chocolate sauce on each was really yummy. It was soft and sweet. It was more delicious when we combined it with chocolate ice cream and colorful marshmallow. Soft, sweet, and delicious! We might regret if we didn’t close our dinner with this delectable dessert. Perfect!


Price and Recommended Menu

Don’t forget to prepare your cash as they didn’t have electronic payment options. Here is our bill.

Chef’s Favorite Rp11,000 Recommended
Spaghetti Chillax Rp24,000 Recommended
Chicken Salted Egg Rp28,000
Ocean Freeze Rp15,000 Recommended
Love Motion Rp16,000 Recommended
Chocolate Pancake Rp19,000 MUST TRY

Above price is excluded 10% tax.


Overall, Chillax & Relax was a great spot to hangout with friends, affordable price with tons of delicious food. We can’t wait to get back and try more dishes here. 😀



Komplek Ruko Wahana No. 9 Baloi, Batam

Mobile: +62 853 5569 9099

Tue – Sun: 11.00 – 23.00

Google Map:


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Till next time, see you and good luck!

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