Katsuya Japanese Cuisine (The BCC Hotel & Residence)

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As a Japanese food lover, both Mr. BD and Ms. BD always looking for another Japanese restaurant we haven’t tried in Batam. We called this as one of our adventures as a food blogger, to find another new place, to have another food story, and to get more information about Batam culinary. Whether it is a good or bad experience, let’s just call it a day in our life and a story to be shared with you guys. 🙂

This time our foot was step into The BCC Hotel & Residence. Not for staying, but for having lunch there. There was one Japanese restaurant at lobby hotel, Katsuya Japanese Cuisine.

Katsuya Japanese Cuisine

Talking about the ambience, the place was clean and simple as you can see on above pictures.

After choosing our table, the waitress came up with the menu book. When we looked into it, we knew that the price was quite expensive compared with other Japanese restaurants in Batam. It maybe due to the restaurant was a part of The BCC Hotel & Residence, so the price was a hotel standard. After Q&A with our waitress, we came up the order such as Salmon Abura Roll, Katsu Tojini, Gohan, and Cold Ocha. Let’s see it guys.


Salmon Abura Roll

Salmon Abura Roll

Salmon is an excellent source of omega-3 and various vitamins. So, if you have a chance to eat salmon, or maybe for free, go get it! Haha.. We are a big fan of salmon fish. In a fresh market in Batam, 1 kg of salmon fish cost us about IDR200K or more. That’s why, salmon dish in any restaurant is always expensive guys. As for Salmon Abura Roll of Katsuya, the price was IDR68,000.

Salmon Abura Roll contains of salmon fish in the middle of roll and covered with sliced salmon. The taste was decent. The size of each roll was quite big, so it’s quite difficult to be chewed in one bite.


Katsu Tojini

Katsu Tojini

As mentioned by our waitress, the portion was big for eating alone and just nice for 2 persons. Katsu Tojini was a combination of egg, chicken, onion, and scallion. All the ingredients were mixed very well and created a sensational taste. It was well flavored and delicious. But, for sure we also need steamed rice to balance out the savor. 🙂


Cold Ocha

Cold Ocha

It’s just weird to have a glass of ocha in a regular glass. That was our first time. Hehe.. Regarding the taste, we didn’t know why the ocha was smelled like a salmon fish. When we tried to confirm with the waitress, she said the ocha was just like that. Hmm,, alright then.


Price and Recommended Menu

Salmon Abura Roll IDR68,000
Katsu Tojini IDR100,000 Recommended
Gohan (Steamed Rice) IDR10,000
Cold Ocha Free of charge

Price is excluded 10% service charge and 10% tax.


Katsuya Japanese Cuisine (The BCC Hotel & Residence)

Jl. Bunga Mawar, Baloi Kusuma, Batam (at lobby hotel)

Tel: +62-778-421-666

Mon-Sun: 10.30 – 14.30 and 18.00-22.00

Google Map:

After following our Japanese food story, please share with us your favorite Japanese food restaurant in Batam guys. Simply post it on the comment below. Ok!

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Till next time, stay happy and see you guys.. 🙂

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