Afternoon Tea @ Barletta Dining & Lounge – da Vienna Boutique Hotel

Hey Batam Foodies!

Last Saturday, we were honored to be invited on Soft Launching New Concept of Barletta Dining & Lounge at da Vienna Boutique Hotel. Together with Blogger Kepri and other media, we tried to explore da Vienna’s new concept of dining place.

Barletta Dining & Lounge – da Vienna Boutique Hotel

At our first step, we were welcomed by Mr. Alex and the great team of da Vienna Boutique Hotel. The server was offered their welcome drink to us, Avocado Milk Tea.

Avocado Milk Tea

You know what? It was a really wonderful beverage! We never presume that an avocado + milk + tea can give us a fantastic taste experience. It was fresh, unique, and delicious at the same time. Wow, that was amazing for a starter. 😀

Ms. BD at Barletta’s Bar

Besides that, they also have Orange Juice, Tea, and Coffee for the beverage option. You can choose whatever you like. As for BD, we tried everything. Hehe…

On the other side, our eyes were captured on the snacks table. The plating was very nice and beautiful. There’s a sweet plate and a salty plate. Let’s check it guys!

On the salty plate, we have Sushi Roll in the center, covered by beautiful Chicken Drumstick and Tuna Cracker. Besides that, we also have Mini Pizza. We can say that the presentation was really mouth watering. Ouw yeaahhh… But, hold on! Just take some pictures before execution. 😀

Chicken Drumstick & Tuna Cracker

Chicken Drumstick – It’s too beautiful to be eaten. We believe that a great preparation will deliver the best result. And yeah, it was perfectly cook and tasty. But, a little bit salt will enhance the taste for us. 😉

Tuna Cracker – Simply salted cracker topped with creamy tuna. As simple as it is. But, this simple snack has a very spectacular taste! Both Mr. BD and Ms. BD were addicted with this snack. It was extremely delicious. Yummy… 😀

Mini Pizza & Tuna Cracker

Mini Pizza – Mr. BD could eat all the mini pizzas if he forgot about other people. Ooppsss… Luckily, he remembered that we’re not alone here. Hehe… The pizza was a little crunchy on the base.

Sushi Roll – One of our favorite snack, ever! The sushi roll was decent, but we can say that all the ingredients were totally fresh-to-made.

On the other side, we have Quiche Lorraine, Fruit Tart, and Ongol-Ongol forthe sweet plate.

Quiche Lorraine & Fruit Tart

Quiche Lorraine – Quiche is kind of pastry with a filling of savory custard with cheese, smoked chicken, and vegetables. It was so tasty inside and outside. The pastry crust was soft and filled with well flavored filling, so yummy on every bite!

Fruit Tart – Mr. BD loved Barletta’s fruit tart so much! It’s not like common fruit tart. Barletta’s fruit tart has a soft pastry base. It was melted easily whenever we ate the tart. The filling was fresh fruit with cream.

Ongol-Ongol – It’s kind of traditional snack of Indonesia. It was easily find on fresh market. As we know the common taste, we didn’t expect much on it. But, surprisingly, it tasted good too. From what we felt, we believed that they used high quality ingredients for all the sweet snacks.

Fruit Skewer

Another eye-catching item was the Fruit Skewer. The fruit skewer was stick on the carved watermelon. Yeah,,, you cannot go wrong with fresh fruit, aye? 😉

As for the CONCLUSION, the finger snacks were ALL DELICIOUS! But, we still cannot move on from the Tuna Cracker. It was beyond perfection. It was amazingly delicious and we took it countless. Hehe… All finger snacks were light and very good. This afternoon tea is very suitable for arisan, meeting, or other special occasions. We noticed that they also have projector to support your presentation on your special events. 🙂

For price range, it’s about Rp60k-80k/pax. But, it may vary subject to how many persons and the menu ordered. Simply contact their marketing staff for your inquiry and they will give you their best offer shortly!

Barletta Dining & Lounge

da Vienna Boutique Hotel 2nd Floor

Jl. Pembangunan, Nagoya, Batam

Tel: +62-778-422-300

Mon – Sun: 10.00AM – 10.00PM


Category: Halal Restaurant

Google Map:


Last but not least, we would like to say thank you so much to Mr. Alex and the great team of da Vienna Boutique Hotel for welcoming us and your hospitality during our visit. We must say that we were delighted to have afternoon tea here and really enjoyed everything! Lovely ambiance, friendly staff, and of course for the DELICOUS FOOD served! Surely we’ll come back here very soon to try other menu. 😀

Stay tuned for the next update guys!

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  1. Aku recomend ke team deh utk cobain makan disana…

    1. Emang recommended banget yah Mbak Sarah 😀

  2. Aku masih belum bisa move on dari si Quiche Loraine…. itu asli enak banget!

    1. Udah lah namanya keren ala Perancis, rasanya juga kayak bule yah.. Loh.. Apa hubungannya coba! Hahaha… Kita juga ngambil banyak tuh.. Psstt,, diem-diem ye Mbak Diii… 😀

  3. aku yang ngga bisa move on dari Quiche Lorraine, ih ini rasanya enak banget …. aku makan empat lho sampe perut begah *diem2

    1. Kita juga jatuh cinta sama Quiche Lorraine ini, sampai masuk ke dalam perut berapa biji kaga sempet diitung. *diem2 juga ye Wakaka…

  4. Aku belom bisa move on dari para blogger ketjeh2 ini loh..

    1. As you said, please don’t move on Pak Alex a.k.a Chef off Duty yang juga super ketjeh! Hihihi….

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