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Attention to all spicy food lovers! After trying their super-crazy-hot-ramen, we came back to Warung Pedas Mampus to try their new signature dish, Ayam Taliwang. Ayam Taliwang is a spicy grilled chicken dish from Lombok. It’s very famous due to the spiciness may “kill” yourself. Wohoho… Dare to try?? 😈

Warung Pedas Mampus - Kepri Mall (Depan Bread Talk)

Warung Pedas Mampus – Kepri Mall (In front of Bread Talk)

Our previous review is about their ramen. But, today visit, we’ll try their Ayam Taliwang + Plecing Kangkung + Sambal Beberuk + Sate Ayam. Let’s check it guys!

Ayam Taliwang

Ayam Taliwang

Paket Ayam Taliwang – Rp30,000

A little hint for you, there is a unique way to enjoy this food. First, pour the chili sauce on top of your rice. After that, mix the chicken and the spicy-flavored rice together, eat in one bite and enjoy the taste by yourself. Ulalaa… In our opinion, the flavors and spices were perfectly blended. The spice has a kick but not overwhelming. Eating it with Sambal Beberuk and Plecing Kangkung were surely a delightful meal.

Plecing Kangkung

Plecing Kangkung – Rp15,000

People usually order Plecing Kangkung as a side dish to accompany Ayam Taliwang, and we ordered it with no regrets! The Plecing Kangkung came with bean sprouts, peanuts, kangkung, and chili. When we mixed it all together, it was really amazing and savory. Fresh and very delicious. 🙂

The party was not ended yet! Here come the hero, Sambal Beberuk


Sambal Beberuk – Rp15,000

As you can see form the appearance, it was a really mouth-watering chili. Unique taste with a few slices of green eggplant (terong Belanda), it was really boosted up our appetite. We also found few pieces of anchovy inside, which is a perfect combination. Spicy, spicy, spicy, and hot! Liked it!

We also ordered the Sate Ayam for our extra happiness. See below!

Our Extra Happiness

Our Extra Happiness 😀

As mentioned on our previous review, this is our most favorite satay in town right now. It was huge, juicy, and very very very tasty! We loved it so much. 😀 One portion consist of 6 pcs chicken satay, but, it was enough for two of us. You should try this guys whenever you come here and let us know your comments below.

Price and Recommended Menu

Paket Ayam Taliwang Rp30,000 Recommended
Plecing Kangkung Rp15,000 Recommended
Sambal Beberuk Rp15,000 Recommended
Sate Ayam Rp35,000 MUST TRY!!
Es Jeruk Peras Rp10.000 Recommended

Warung Pedas Mampus

Kepri Mall Ground Floor (In front of Bread Talk)

Monday – Sunday: 10.00 -21.30

Category: Halal

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Good news for you!!

Warung Pedas Mampus is giving away FREE AYAM TALIWANG for you to try. How to get it? Simply follow social media below and stay tuned on BATAM DINE GIVEAWAY every Friday. 😉




Little BD at Warung Pedas Mampus

Little BD said “hi everyone…..”

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