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Good evening Batam Diners,

Today, we want to share our experience when we took our dinner at a restaurant who has Iga Penyet (Smashed and Roasted Beef Ribs) as their specials. The name of the restaurant is Warung Tekko.

Front View of Warung Tekko


For food lovers, especially from Java or Bali island, should already recognized this restaurant, because they have a lot of branches there. Yes, this restaurant is one of their branches. Their headquarter is located in Jakarta, as usual. 🙂

For our lunch, we ordered Iga Penyet(Smashed and Roasted Beef Ribs) with strong-level chili, Ayam Goreng Tekko (Tekko Fried Chicken), Jamur Crispy Penyet (Smashed Crispy Fried Mushroom) with medium-level chili, and Mangga Cincau (Mango with Grass jelly).

This restaurant is very cozy, with traditional texture as their restaurant decoration. It feels natural, relaxing, and heartwarming. In short, their decoration is absolutely fantastic. You can see the glance on the picture below.

Ambiance of Warung Tekko


Our foods were coming fast, and almost all of our food was coming together. As always guys, we always very hungry when we ordered our food, but for the sake of you and our friends, we took our time to pick some great picture for you to enjoy!

First, we will talk about Iga Penyet (Smashed and Roasted Beef Ribs). This menu is their special, so we were hoping for the best from this menu. We chose the strong-level chili to accompany the beef, because Mr. BD loves chili. Take a look at this picture:

Roasted Beef Ribs


The chili is being put under the beef. As the aroma, this menu is truly mouthwatering! The beef cooked beautifully, well-done roasted. The meat is very tender, easy to pull from the bone. We strongly suggest you to order minimum medium-level chili to accompany your beef. The chili is not very hot, trust us! Eat it together with hot steamed rice, olala, very delicious! We agreed that this menu was proving itself as the special in this restaurant.

Now let’s talk about the Ayam Goreng Tekko (Tekko Fried Chicken). If you ever read a menu with their restaurant name on it, it should be special, right? We thought so, so we ordered it. Let’s check the picture below.

Ayam Goreng Tekko


The chicken cooked nice, the color was gold, looks tasty! When we took a bite on the chicken, well, we are a little bit disappointed. The chicken was delicious, but not very special. We tried to use the chili with hope for more enhancement in taste, but it didn’t work. The taste was passable. If you want to try it, just try, but from our point of view, not really recommended.

And then, let’s move to the other menu, Jamur Crispy Penyet (Smashed Crispy Fried Mushroom), with medium-level chili. It looked very delicious. Take a look by yourself here.

Jamur Crispy Penyet


As you can see, the chili also being put under the mushroom. It tasted delicious, seasoned very well. But, we had to put a minus point here. The mushroom was not very crispy. We believe that if the mushroom is crispy, it will be absolutely delicious. We also believe that we can ask the waiter/waitress nearby to re-done the mushroom. So, if you decide to come here, just don’t hesitate to ask your waiter/waitress if you find your food is not perfect.

Mangga Cincau

As for the beverage, we found an interesting menu, Mangga Cincau (Mango with Grass Jelly). We never take something similar before, so we eagerly ordered that menu just to see how they make it. As promised on the name, we got a big glass full of grass jelly and mango. The mango itself has two forms, one as the juice, one as the small cut of mango and being put on top of the beverage. The glass is quite big, we think two people can drink it together. When we took a sip on it, the taste of grass jelly was very dominant. It was expected, because as you can see on the picture beside, the grass jelly was much more than the mango. The taste was quite unique, and delicious. You can try it by yourself.

Overall, we felt satisfied with the food we ordered. The beef was exceptional, the chicken was passable, the mushroom was delicious, and the beverage was unique. If you ever thinking about where to eat for dinner or lunch, you may try this restaurant.

We recommend you to try our recommendation menu as we put on the table below. This restaurant also has oxtail soup. Many people recommend that to us, but we have no chance to try it this time. We will come back to try the soup on our next visit.

So, this is the price list for our ordered menu and our personal recommendation.

Iga Penyet IDR38.000 Recommended
Ayam Goreng Tekko IDR16.500
Jamur Crispy Penyet IDR15.000 Recommended
Mangga Cincau IDR20.000 Recommended
Nasi Putih IDR5.000

And you can visit this restaurant if you follow this Google Map:

View Larger Map

That will be all for now guys. We hope you enjoy our story!

Miss BD was in mood to take a photo for herself here, check this out!

Miss BD in Action


Thank you guys, have fun, and stay healthy!

-Batam Dine-


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