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As a traveler, we realized what people need when they arrive in other country/city and stay in a hotel. For example, people will asking about restaurants, leisure places, bowling alley, movie theater, and so on. If you have friends or family whom stay in that city, you just lucky since they can accompany you to go anywhere you want. But, what if you don’t have any acquaintance to asking for.¬†This article is dedicated to all of people that looking for restaurants in Batam. So, we, Batam Dine, a food blogger try to help you if you happen to come to Batam by providing a list of restaurants that near your hotel in Batam. You can find the list at our menu Find Restaurants Near You!.

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About Find Restaurants Near You!

If you guys happen to stay at hotel, you might want to know where is the nearest restaurants from your hotel. Here, we have a list of our recommended restaurants which located not more than 10km from your hotel.

Example of List of Restaurants Near Harris Hotel Batam Center

By clicking the name of the restaurant, you can link to our review about it. Our main sharing is about the taste of their menu, our own food recommendation, price level, and Google Map about where exactly the location is.

We realize that you might also need information on how you get there. Unfortunately, Batam doesn’t have a good public transportation service, especially for foreign tourists. Our suggestion is you can grab a taxi or rent a car. As for car rental in Batam, we proudly present AWITA CAR RENTAL, our own car rental in Batam to provide port to port or daily car rental service. Simply contact us at +62-821-7030-6790.

We hope this feature can be a useful reference for you to have fun on eating a lot of delicious food in Batam.

If you have any suggestion for us to improve this information, we really appreciate if you can share it by write it down on the comment below or email it to us at info@batam-dine.com.


Special Thanks

This feature is dedicated to our friend, Sixmund Pelekamoyo, thanks for inspiring us to make this information for all food enthusiast around the world who need information about Batam Cuisine. This is become one of our tool to achieve Our Vision.

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